9th June 2009 – VB Social Media Banking News via Twitter #17: Twitter for Customer Service, the WSJ – the Best Personal Finance Tools, Foreverism, Harvard Business – Twitter the Ultimate Innovation Tool

Please find below my daily selection of tweets on social media in banking and financial services from the people I am following on Twitter.

I invite you to check the other tweets which didn’t make my post today. I flagged them as favorites on @Visible_Banking.

robgarciasj Best Personal Finance tools @WSJ@Mint @Geezeo@Wesabe @Covestor @SocialPicks @CakeFinancial @CreditKarma

… and most of those companies have presented at the awesome Finovate events. What a great achievement from Jim Bruene and Eric Mattson

I invite you to check my video interviews with Steve Carpenter – CEO at Cake FinancialKen Lin – Founder & CEO of Credit KarmaMarc Hedlund – Co-Founder & CEO at WesabeShawn Ward – Co-Founder of Gezeeo.
Chris_Skinner Is the social web party over?: I keep reading reports of Second Life being an overhyped piece of dead meat, and ..

Virtual worlds, blogging, micro-blogging, social networking… “technology” doesn’t matter. Social media is all about people. Brands need to acknowledge people’s expectations and behaviours have changed.
They expect brands to listen to them and service them wherever convenient.
GuyKawasaki How to use Twitter for customer service

“There’s a running joke that you can get better customer service from @comcastcares than from your local Comcast customer service center. Over the past six months or so, that joke has become perceived reality—and the requests for help/service via Twitter have taken off.”

Still not convinced there is a value interacting with your clients on twitter? Good examples in banking: @Ask_WellsFargo, @UBank, @Wachovia, @BofA_Help.
You will find more info in my weekly Visible Banking Twitter Watch.
cvanamelsvoort Posting by @Bijgespijkerd about Dutch insurer@Interpolis on Twitter (in Dutch) Way to go!

Thanks for sharing Casper! I have added Interpolis to the insurance section in my directory.
polnavarro “FOREVERISM” a must read by @trendwatching

“FOREVERISM | Encompasses the many ways that consumers and businesses are embracing conversations, relationships, and products that are never done. Driving its popularity is technology that allows them to find, follow, interact and collaborate forever with anyone & anything.”

‘Forever Presence’, ‘Forever Findable Forever Following’, ‘Forever Conversing’… And ‘Forget toe dipping’!
Spot on. Great post.

They also list a few corporate twitter accounts from major brands from Starbucks to Ford. Bank of America and Wells Fargo made the list too.
gerdschenkel “Bosses quadruple Facebook crackdown”

“If an employee spends as much as an hour a day on Facebook, it can end up costing a business thousands of dollars in lost time over the course of a year.”-Telstra Business Executive Director Brian Harcourt

Each day, small and medium-sized companies in Australia block about 6000 attempts to access social networking sites, compared to just 2000 a day 10 months ago.
MichelSavoie Twitter’s Ten Rules For Radical Innovators | > (via @randymatheson)

Twitter isn’t just changing how we communicate — it is changing how weinnovate. (…) Today, Twitter is the master of viral economies. (…) Twitter isn’t building a new media channel. It’s turning yesterday’s channel into a circuit.
GuyKawasaki Blogger burnout. 95% abandonment rate.

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