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5 Financial Services Harlem Shake Videos: Fun Bankers, Investors, Insurance Agents!

Top 5 Financial Services Harlem Shake Videos on Visible Banking

Even financial services firms embraced the Harlem Shake madness: we selected 5 fun videos from Standard Chartered bankers, eToro investors, and a StateFarm insurance agent in the US, Asia and EMEA.

1. Harlem Shake – Bank Edition (Banco Exterior – Venezuela) [Banking, LATAM]
This video attracted over 4,300 views in just 48h.

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2. Kathy Powell State Farm Harlem Shake [Insurance, US]
Over 600 views in 5 days.  Good social media effort from an insurance agent in the US: “This is how much fun insurance can be!” might be a bit of a long stretch though…

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3. eToro CY Harlem Shake [Investments, EMEA]
Busy week for eToro with this Harlem Shake video and more importantly their 48h hackathon.

4. Breeze Harlem Shake Meme [Banking, APAC]
Another proof that my friend Aman Narain has built the best digital banking team globally at Standard Chartered in terms of talent (crowdsourcing contest, comic book superheroes…), but also team spirit.

5. Central National Bank Does the Harlem Shake! [Banking, US]
This video is not likely to generate any significant amount of word of mouth, yet it is good to see smaller financial institutions embracing the trend.

Personally, I find it refreshing to see the workforce of some highly regulated financial services firms having a bit of fun and recording those Harlem Shake videos in their office, don’t you?  A special mention to the large banks: Standard Chartered Breeze and Banco Exterior.

Would those videos change your perception of those companies for the better and urge you to consider them as your next employer or your next bank / insurer?

We invite you to share your thoughts about the impact of social media and the financial industry, here, via twitter or on our Facebook page.

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