#36 Links (18 Oct – 07 Nov 2010) – Social Media News in Banking, Finance, Insurance

Please find below 36 blog posts and articles you may have missed in the last few weeks.

I am still aiming to publish a new post like this one on weekly basis. Nevertheless, I’ve been abroad for most of the last three weeks, mainly in Asia where I delivered our 5th social media & finance workshop

BNP Paribas Innovates Again and Becomes the First Major French Bank to Launch a Twitter Account Dedicated to Customer Support (Visible Banking)
Will Facebook kill the US Dollar? (by Brett King)
The Top 20 World’s Coolest Intern Candidates (Standard Chartered Breeze Blog)
Customer Reviews & Stories
Frost Bank’s Little Black Book (The Financial Brand)
How to create a sexy bank (by Brett King, The Huffington Post)
What Innovations will rock our world in the next 25 years? (by Brett King)
The Rapid Desintermediation of Retail Bankers (by Brett King)
BAI Retail Delivery 2010 Roundup (by Jacob Jegher, Celent)
Entrevue Maryse Gauthier – Banque Nationale du Canada (by Catherine Lafrasse,
La banque 2.0 par le Crédit Agricole Mutuel Pyrénées Gascogne (by Julien Bonel)
An Interview with Nick Lewins, Chief Technology Officer, Bankwest (by Tala Jahangiri, FST Media)
A.M. Best Podcast Interviews Swiss Re’s VP on Viral Video, Social Media(Insurance Day)
Banks face up to social media challenges – Finextra@Sibos (Finextra)
Smaller victories are celebrated, such as Citi’s success with its first Sibos Twitterfeed, using the #Sibos to drive prospects to its marketing material ahead of the show: “It drove visits to the Website up five-fold,” said Klein. “That’s great ROI by any measurement”
Risk & Guidelines
Social Media: Is Somebody Watching You? (by Chad Previch, Saxum PR)
Banques sur Iphone, Ipad: Les 4 clés à connaître pour créer votre application…. (by Alain Hemelinck, Bank Lab)
Votre banque et Foursquare (by Patrick, Financial Vox 3.0)
Personal Finance
Personal finance: Using social media to track people who owe money (by Eileen Ambrose, The Baltimore Sun)
Get your holiday shopping act together now (by Stephanie Chen on
Good article mentioning Groupon, LivingSocial, MothersClick, Mint via their blog MintLife, ING Direct, and last but not least SmartyPig.
Social Media
Why Social Media Is a Waste of Time for Most Banks & Credit Unions(The Financial Brand)
Australian banks struggle with social media (by Beverley Head, IT Wire)
Who Owns the Spotlight? (by Peter Aceto, ING Direct)
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Social Media (by Kevin Lynch)

Digital City – Social Media & Finance (by Helen Moore,Cision)
Most Banks and Wealth Managers Ignore Facebook, Twitter & Co.(MyPrivateBanking Report)
World’s biggest banks have poor approach to social media, new report shows (by Ray Clancy, Investment International)

GEICO Gecko hands out advice in iAd (GEICO blog)
My Thoughts After Presenting on Social Media to Young Insurance Agents(by Ryan Hanley, Albany Insurance)
Farmers Insurance Social Media Marketing Case Study: Utilizing FarmVille for Facebook Brand Awareness (WindMill Networking)
Risk & Guidelines
BIBA : Social media guidance produced for brokers (by George Stobbart, News Insurance)
Social Media Risk Control (by Ryan Hanley, Albany Insurance)

FinovateFall 2010 Demo Videos Now Available (by Eric Mattson, NetBanker)
Financial Companies Dominate Groundswell Awards in North American B2C Category (by Jim Brune, NetBanker)

The innovations of social media (by Adrian Chan)
Internet savvy small businesses use social media more than ecommerce(by Richard Tyler,
How to Socialize Customer Reviews (by Sam Decker, eMarketer)
Context is king in driving participation and sales (by Sam Decker, Bazaarvoice)

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BNP Paribas Innovates Again and Becomes the First Major French Bank to Launch a Twitter Account Dedicated to Customer Support

10 Key Stats from the Optix Solutions Social Media Survey 2010 (UK)