#30 Links (27 September – 10 October 2010) – Social Media News in Banking, Finance, Insurance

Please find below 30 blog posts and articles you may have missed in the last couple of weeks.

Caja Navarra Launches an Innovative Twitter Contest Based on DMs in Spain (on Visible Banking)
Update – Caja Navarra Reaches 1,000 Registered Tweeps to its Trwivial Contest and Starts Communicating with Them (on Visible Banking)
De Rabobank op Twitter: wordt het tijd voor een strategie rondom je Twitteraccounts? (by Maurice Beerthuvzen)
Is Your Credit Union a #twitterfail? Part 2. (by DeAndre Upshaw)
I have got Facebook friends and Twitter followers – reward me! (by Brett King)
Interview Caja Navarra’s Twitter Contest: Goals & ROI, Mechanism & Direct Messages, Social Media Promotion (on Visible Banking)
Webchat (1st Oct at 1:30pm BST): The Future of Banking with Matt Colebrook, First Direct’s CEO (on Visible Banking)
Bloggerblast redux (on the finanser)
Stats & Surveys
31% of Banks in EMEA are Already “Ready” for the Next Generation Customer. Really? (on Visible Banking)
Top 10 Countries by Online Banking Penetration (on ComScore Data Mine)
C’est vrai que vous êtes branché techno… (by Jean Philippe)
Innovation Labs & Customer Feedback
first direct celebrates 21 years of innovation with launch of Beta Lab scheme (by first direct)
Deutsche Bank launches social media campaign to further engage with clients (on
Social Banking 2.0 – Der Kunde übernimmt die Regie (by Loichmaier)
‘World’s Coolest Intern’ Solves 3 Social Media Riddles (on the Financial Brand)
4ème édition de Citizen Act, le business game de Société Générale (on Regions Job)
Virtual Game / Financial Education
Update – Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s Coinland: 60,000 Users (Registered) in 6 Months (on Visible Banking)
Mobile Banking, Social Media Shaping Channel Strategies at First Tennessee (by Penny Crosman)
J’ai testé l’application mobile Tricount (on Marketing – Banque)

Allstate Careers Reinvents Recruiting Fan by Fan (by Marcia)
Stats & Surveys
Insurance Industry Scores Woefully Low in Social Media Rankings (by Joe McKendrick)
How State Farm Insurance Uses Social Media (by Michael Stelzner)
Risk & Compliance
Social Media Compliance in Insurance: New Tools for the New Imperative(by Chris Boudreaux)

Finovate Fall 2010 Best of Show Winners (by Jim Bruene at Netbanker)
New Mobile Frontiers with PayPal, Foursquare and Square (on techcrunch)

Where the Social CRM Market Will Collapse Into (by Michael Maoz at Gartner)
How Popular Is the iPhone, Really? [INFOGRAPHIC] (by Stan Schroeder)
Why Product Reviews Can Drive Group Buying Success for Retailers (by Sam Decker on Mashable)
How the Media is Using Social Media to Build Traffic, Community and Content (by Jamie Goldberg)
13 Simple Ways Of Increasing Your Facebook Likes (by Niall Harbison)

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Interview Caja Navarra’s Twitter Contest: Goals & ROI, Mechanism and Direct Messages, Social Media Promotion

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