#24 Links (15-21 Nov 2010) – Social Media News in Banking, Finance, Insurance

I invite you to check my previous article which listed 21 posts on social media in banking, financial services and insurance, published between 8-14 Nov.

Please find below 24 blog posts and articles from last week you shouldn’t miss.

Peter Aceto: I am a CEO and I tweet
Top 10 Most Liked Financial Institutions on Facebook
Citi Launches the Citibank US Page on Facebook and ‘Banks’ over 7,000 Happy Fans / Employees on its First Day
Citi Invites Americans to Share their Childhood’s Toy Stories on Facebook
After 8 Weeks and 1,190 Applications from 65+ Countries, Standard Chartered Finds its World’s Coolest Intern
Societe Generale Rewards Early Registrations to its CSR Game, Citizen Act, with Bonus Points
‘Room for Improvement’: QTCU’s Social Media Giveaway (on the Financial Brand)
ING DIRECT USA & Social Media – John Owens, Head of Marketing
Teaser with Hakan Aldrin, MD at by SEB
Teaser with Thomas Heilskov, Head of Social Media at Danske Bank
Teaser, Social Media and Facebook at ASB Bank
Citi Reruits an Associate General Counsel Social Media Attorney
Barclays Premier customers in France, how valuable do you find the online community ‘le Cercle Premier’?
Social Media
Don’t worry – you don’t need to develop an iphone app (by Brett King)
Video – Banking and Social Media (by David Brazeal, ABA)
Who killed trust in banking, and when does it return? (by Brett King)

Think Google Knows your Secrets? Meet Yodlee (by Blake Ellis, cnn money)
SA’s finance pros go social (on IT Web)

Leveraging Social Media in Finance (by Kyle Murphy, NetFinance Solutions)

Life Carriers Embrace Social Media to Improve Risk: Ernst & Young (by Nathalia Golia, Insurance & Technology)
Insurance Industry Looking to Engage Customers Via Social Media (by Chad Hemenway, Tech decisions)
GEICO’s Safety Poster & Video Contest – one month left to enter! (GEICO blog)

Fortune 500 Nearly Double Use of Twitter (via eMarketer)
Social Media, Twitter, and CEOs with Peter Aceto President & CEO at ING DIrect Canada (by Joe Castaldo, Canadian Business)

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After 8 Weeks and 1,190 Applications from 65+ Countries, Standard Chartered Finds its World’s Coolest Intern

Interview SEB – Hakan Aldrin, Managing Director at