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14th July 2009 – Visible Banking Social Media News #24: Twitter – Good for Customer Service & BoA Success, SCFCU Simple Cents Blog, UBank’s Moneybox Videos – Love is in the Air, Twitter Reaches 20 Million US Visitors

Please find below my daily selection of tweets and posts on social media in banking and financial services from the twitterati and the bloggers I am following.

I invite you to check the other tweets which didn’t make my post today.
I flagged them as favorites on @Visible_Banking.

Via Twitter
mmpartee @jimnovo @rshevlin Twitter as new way to *initiate* customer service request points out poor nature of 1) web sites 2) auto phone systems
I totally agree with Morriss. Twitter gives the ability to point customers to the right direction and better leverage existing content available on your bank website. Contrary to email and web chat it gives exposure to the Q&As so it drives customer advocacy as an added bonus.

FinancialBrand Great looking blog from South Carolina Credit Union…and it actually gets comments! http://www.simplecentsblog.com
Thanks Jeffry for flagging this new blogging initiative launched in April 2009 by SCFCU, one of the most active US Credit Unions in social media. I invite you to check their community for Young People, Young & Free South Carolina.

Pioneercu Getting close to 1000 followers on Twitter ———-> pkg. of goodies to follower 1000 if they are or become a member
PioneerCU has been using twitter since 14/12/07. They are still the most followed credit union (302 CUs tracked so far) on my Visible Banking Twitter Watch. Well done.

gerdschenkel On #qf looking forward to @ubank #moneybox screening. Hope other passengers will like it.
Beyond YouTube and Twitter: UBank’s moneybox videos available on your flight, this is an excellent way to fully maximize your marketing effort, give extra exposure to your content, and innovate in a cost-effective way.

TechCrunch Twitter Back on Track In June With 20 Million U.S. Visitorshttp://tcrn.ch/5nx by @erickschonfeld
Twitter is going strong again and is here to stay…. at least for another couple of years.

GregMcAweeney RT @RaboPlus: LAST CHANCE! Win a brand new 16GB 3GS iPhone with @RaboPlus. Enter before midnight AEST tonight –http://ow.ly/hcBD
RaboPlus gives an iPhone 3GS away to drive subscription to their positive interest investors newsletter. If you want to successfully urge people to contribute or participate, REWARD them!
charispalmer It seems that a white-labeled Kiva platform could be licensed out to great effect. http://bit.ly/Fopbr via @rafmanji @lend4health
INGDIRECT NYC Tweetup on 7/21 w/ @INGDIRECT COO Jim Kelly. @ or DM us now to ask him a question. RSVP: http://twtvite.com/ncmdb5#SaversQA #twtvite

allstate The first 10 people to tweet back “Win Tickets Allstate 400 at the Brickyard” to @allstate could win tickets Rules: http://bit.ly/3WQ4Ql

RockTheBoatMKTG Just 14% of consumers likely to interact with a financial services brand using social media (Razorfish) http://bit.ly/99CtS

Via Blogs
* Denuology (US) – Bank of America on Twitter = WIN!
* RazorFish (US) – Fluent – Social Media Report
* Netbanker (US) – Prosper Back in Peer-to-Peer Lending Game with Full Approval of SEC
* The Insider (Canada) – Small Dog, Big Heart
* RaboPlus (New Zealand): RWT changes coming into effect next year 


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