#14 Links (11-19 Dec 2010) – Social Media News in Banking, Finance, Insurance

I invite you to check my previous article which listed 18 posts on social media in banking, financial services and insurance, published between 05-11Dec. Please find below 14 blog posts and articles from last week you shouldn’t miss.

Top 10 Most Followed Financial Institutions on Twitter in December 2010 (Visible Banking) Contests
Standard Chartered UAE Launches ‘Go The Distance’ to Capture Emotional Stories (Visible Banking)
Avatar Star Search: Create a Character for Bank’s Next TV Ad (the Financial Brand) Mobile
2010 Saw 40-Fold Growth in the Number of Financial Institution iPhone Apps (by Jim Bruene, Netbanker)
Social Media

Social Media and Information Security (by Jesse Torres)
Firing An Employee Bad Mouthing the Company on Social Media? Better Think Twice (by Jesse Torres)
Are Consumer Ready to ‘Friend’ Financial FirmsSlides – Banking on Social Media (by Infosys)

Lending Club & Perkstreet Financial Launch the ‘Shred Your Credit Card Day’ Video Contest (Visible Banking)
Extreme PFM: Bundle Launches Restaurant Recommender and Move-O-Matic (by Jim Bruene, Netbanker)

TENCon Panel: Carriers Embrace Social Media to Engage Agents, Consumers
How to Find Prospects And Close Business Using LinkedIn (by Jon Scanton)
Northwestern Mutual Beefs Up Social Media (by Tanya Irwin)

Ninety-Four Percent of Companies Not Yet Using Social Media for Customer Feedback

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Lending Club & Perkstreet Financial Launch the ‘Shred Your Credit Card Day’ Video Contest

Can ‘Lloyds TSB Me’ Emulate Nintendo’s Success?