13th July 2009 – Visible Banking Social Media News #23: Back from Vacation, First Mariner Bank Turns Detractors into Advocates on Twitter, 45 Working Days to Sibos 2009, Footage of Seinfeld Commercials on YouTube

I am back from my 2-week vacation, energized & tanned. Getting ready to send twitter updates & blog on again!

Please find below my daily selection of tweets and posts on social media in banking and financial services from the twitterati and the bloggers I am following.

I invite you to check the other tweets which didn’t make my post today.
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Via Twitter
rogcom @Visible_Banking Welcome back…we’ve missed you!

RobertLommers @Visible_Banking did you see the new and improved rabolog

allianz_de RT @az_knowledge und @allianz_kai – We’re on Youtube: und

Sibos Welcome to Monday. Only 45 working days until #Sibos 2009 opens its doors! We’ve now confirmed more than 110 speakers. Great line-up.

amayfield RT @drewb Morgan Stanley ‘note’ on digital natives’ media habits by 15 yr old intern causes stir (via @ft)

banktastic New Post: Announcement: Red McCombs of Clear Channel Invests in SmartyPig: Fantastic news this morni..

GuyKawasaki My video on how to use social media as a sales and marketing tool:

bankingreview Greater Building Society launches YouTube channel including “making of” footage of Seinfeld commercials

mashable A Sunday Twitter guide: “5 Ways to Get Your Questions Answered on Twitter” –

gerdschenkel @aden_76 trying to “control” Twitter posts is like trying to control every telephone conversation with a customer.

Via Blogs
* Individublog (Australia) – Visible Banking wishes us a happy anniversary
* Technosailor (US) – First Mariner Bank: A New Shining Star in Social Media PR
* CurrencyMarketing
 (Canada) – Wrong your members and they’ll tell two million friends!
* Web Strategist (US) – Get Ready As Corporate Sites and Social Networks Start To Connect
* The Wells Fargo Wachovia Blog (US) – Updated Merger FAQs (With a Little Help from Our Readers)

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