10th June 2009 – VB Social Media Banking News via Twitter #18: YouTube Video Streams Top 1 Billion per day, The Positive Impact of Senior Executives on Twitter

Please find below my daily selection of tweets on social media in banking and financial services from the people I am following on Twitter.

I invite you to check the other tweets which didn’t make my post today. I flagged them as favorites on @Visible_Banking.

TechCrunch YouTube Video Streams Top 1 Billion/Day by @arrington

The web is dead… Long live the Visual Web. That should convince the bank to start creating engaging YouTube channels and exciting videos.

Currently, I am tracking 124 channels in my ‘Visible Banking YouTube Watch’. The most popular video I have identified so far is Barclaycard’sBarclaycard Waterslide – I want one! which has been viewed more than 474,000 times and has been given a 4+ star rating by 4,600 people.Staggering number considering that 89 of the 124 most watched videos in my list have been viewed on average less than 2,000 times.

UBank Many USB’s sent & put to many great uses! Thx for posting up your pics, if you haven’t already, show us yours!

This is pure love, isn’t it! 😉 I am tempted to send this picture to all the detractors who saw UBank’s #USBKey contest as “a cheap marketing stunt” a months ago.
CEO_INGDIRECT Hey there John. Keep doing a great job with our customers. Please be sure to call me Peter. No need for the Mr. Aceto stuff.

I love those tweets from the top man in a well established financial institution. Most people are seeking recognition, and rewarding people is highly important. It is priceless to receive such a positive message from your CEO. Great approach Peter. @gerdschenkel, GM @ UBank in Australia, also always makes sure to recognize excellent work from his teams.
usaa_news Friends: Nearly 17,000 are conversing about USAA on Facebook. Pls check us out there, 2. Thx for following USAA.

Why don’t you add a short url pointing to your facebook page?
In my ‘Visible Banking Facebook Watch’, USAA is currently the third financial institutions with the largest fan base, behind Chase +1 and TD Canada Trust Money Lounge.
GHCU RT @formfield: WaMu is becoming Chase. WaMu is becoming worse. A customer rep just hung up on me! I think it’s time to join a credit union.

I find it a bit cheeky to RT one of those comments. I guess it is not as bad as retweeting an update from a user complaining on one of your competitors.
krusk The 1% rule- 1% of blog visitors should be leaving comments. 1/9/90 1% create content, 9% contribute, 90 are lurkers #cprs2009

Indeed very few people contribute. That is one of the reasons why I am not too concerned a huge chunk of twitter users hardly send any updates.
eMarketer Twitter Fights Fakes: Get ready for the arrival of the verified Twitterer. From the WSJ:

That is good news for personal users like you and me. Surely more to follow on the corporate front… towards a subscription based identity protection service?
 “Brands rush head-on into the social-media space, excited about what can be done versus what should be done.” Amen

Well, I am kind of ok with Paul’s comments. Nevertheless, we must insist on the importance of monitoring online discussions and making sure you ‘keep control’ of your image on the popular social media sites, hence the value of creating a page on facebook, an account on flickr and a twitter profile… even if they are a bit dull.
lakey A Chronology of Brands that Got Punk’d by Social Media by@jowyang

Great list from Jeremiah. Who could possibly forget the infamousKryptonite unlocked case? It is a great opportunity to remind people that Dell suffered 4 to 5 years ago but decided to counter-attack to become nowadays one the most engaging brands online. Genius.
timoreilly Some deep insights into twitter in this post by @cheeky_geeky Really thought-provoking.

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