10 Questions To Standard Chartered On Social Media Banking, Mobile, Online

6. Are you more in favour of building a mobile banking experience with html 5 or building hard to maintain OS-specific, sometimes even handset-specific, native apps?
I am not being politically correct when I say it really depends on the use case.

Mobile Web has come a long way and we have recently successfully deployed two mobile web experiences of Breeze in China and UAE with plenty more to come. It offers us fast, scalable and consistent experiences and a cost effective approach.

Native apps are particularly important when you use the native components of the mobile device or let the app itself to a lot of the heavy lifting and keep data on it. With limited use cases for the first and regulatory reasons that make it impracticable for the second, the case for Mobile Web certainly gets stronger. In fact, which new wrappers that allow you to put a clamshell on a Mobile Web experience and pop that into an app store there is plenty to be bullish about Mobile Web while bearing in mind Native apps aren’t going to go away anytime soon particularly on iOS.

7. Another key trend is happening in Australia and the worldwide banking industry: video conferencing (at the branch and online/mobile).  What’s your position on this matter?  Any major projects you are currently working on?
This is one that I must confess perplexes me a bit. Is it technology being used for technologies sake or serving the customer better? We are certainly focused on projects which will help our customers use capabilities like Click to Chat or Call Back.

Video is right now not very big on our agenda. If a person wants to talk to their Relationship Manager its hard to compete with Skype or Facetime which are very effective channels which we use everyday as a team. I am firmly of the belief of not reinventing the wheel so watching this space with interest.

8. Mobile payments via Facebook are possibly taking off in New Zealand, Australia and other parts of the world.  What is SC’s strategy on facebook?  Any payment or banking app(s) already available?
It’s interesting isn’t it?

9. In your opinion, how big will the impact of the iphone 5 -with the lack of NFC technology- be on the banking industry?
I tweeted about this a while back. I think quite significant for one simple reason. I think there isn’t any entity in the world today that can change customer behaviour on a dime like Apple and it needs to change to make NFC a part of everyday life. I also think it adds seeds of doubt in people’s mind if this is the default standard like a long drawn VHS V/s Betamex debate.

10. Finally, what’s coming up from your remote banking team in 2013 (online, mobile or social)?  Any more comic books?
Yes certainly more comic books. We love them and the buzz and engagement they create. A lot more on mobile and payments and some exciting interplays and partnerships there. You can also expect more on social being an integrated part of what we do as opposed to a side show of its own.


A huge THANK YOU to Aman for taking the time to share his vision on social media and digital innovation in banking in a such detailed and inspirational way.

So, what do you think of Standard Chartered’s recent digital innovations in banking?  Which one do you find the most exciting?  Which one has the best potential to change people’s perception of SC, increase its market share and its customer satisfaction? 

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