04-June-09 – VB Social Media Banking News via Twitter #16: CEOs on Twitter, Small Businesses Embrace Social Media in the US

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rshevlin omg. I wrote a blog post (“Do The Math”). first one in six months

And it is great news. It is a pleasure to read you again. Are you tempted to resume blogging 3-4 times a week? It is an interesting analysis, but what if the 0.5% was made of some of the most ‘influential’ clients? People who fully embrace social media and can reach not only hundreds of followers on twitter, but also thousands of subscribers to their blog or fans on facebook?

And it doesn’t cost much to set up an account on Twitter (it is free) and have someone in your customer support team check it a few times a day. At the same time the same person should listen (search pre-defined key words on twitter), identify the influencers, and start to respond.

Last but not least, we musn’t forget the importance of experimenting. It takes time to earn credibility and trust. It is challenging to build a sizable audience and reach a critical mass of users.

There will be a huge premium to the most experimental financial institutions, the pioneers who started leveraging social media a while ago with the likes of Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Advanta or Rabobank.
jowyang Want to know what the CMO of BestBuy @bestbuyCMO thinks? Watch this video send to YOUR CMO

It is always a pleasure to see a Senior Executive at a well established company who embraces social media. Great case for social media.
Chris_Skinner CEOs don’t like social media … because it’s social!: I heard this quote the other day and loved it, so I’m usi..

True, but in banking we have a few social media champions who blog and/or tweet: Peter Aceto, President & CEO at ING Direct Canada, GerdSchenkel, CEO at UBank in Australia, Roel Van Veggel, GM at RaboDirect in Ireland and Greg McAweeney, GM RaboPlus in Australia.
rshevlin @mmpartee re: 1300% growth rate.Impressive. However: Over half of Twitterers tweet less than once every 74 days

It is an interesting piece of information, but I don’t see that as a major issue. Indeed, very few people leave a comment on a blog (when Techcrunch reach 1Million rss feed readers earlier this year, their most commented post had ‘only’ 149 comments) or post content on a social network.
JimIssokson @Chris_Skinner Looks like a great panel on the 16th in London on Social Media in Financial Services –

Indeed Jim, Chris did a great job gathering some of the most active bloggers and social media advocates in the industry. I can’t wait to contribute and be challenged by the audience as well as my fellow speakers.
LoveMyCU RT @BreweryCU BreweryCURT @allegiancecu Why Credit Unions are better than Banks! Love it!

Check this article by Liz Pulliam Weston. I listed this tweet because Liz contributed to the excellent social media initiative launched by FNBO Direct last year: the PayYourselfChallenge.
I invite you to watch my video interview with Robin Nakamura their former SVP e-Business. Now Robin works at Strands and she is based in San Francisco.
eMarketer Social Networking is not just for large corporations. Small businesses are getting in on the act. #fb

According to a study by Sage Software and AMI-Partners, more than 260,000 small businesses in the US and Canada employ social networking tactics, too.

The reasons for adopting social networking tactics varied, but the most widespread uses of social media were for responding to customer questions, networking, and reference and educational purposes.
JennyBentley Bloblive in the Wall Street Journal Blog!

Well done to Ami Cassar and his team!
electrouncle Update:SocialFinanceListe << Finance 2.0 (electrouncle)

Interested in social media in banking and financial services in Germany? Don’t miss the great list from Boris @ Electrouncle!
TSCU We’re looking for a results driven Mortgage Originator for our CU team. Interested? email our hr guru at for details

TSCU, I would change the call to action and ask your candidates to send you a DM on twitter or share the link to the job decription, and the list of similar positions, on your website.
jowyang Learned there are 7000 presentations on slideshare about twitter alone

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