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Yodlee – Finovate09 Interview #3: Peter Hazlehurst, SVP Products

As you all know, I was very much looking forward to participate to my third finovate event.

And what a day! Kudos to Jim BrueneEric Mattson , and the rest of their team for putting together such a smooth event with hardly no technical glitches.

I invite you to check my wrap up on Visible Banking, add yourself to the list of tweeps @ FInovate09 (for those you attended the event), check the pictures and videos I shot at the event (and add yours) on the Visible Banking Facebook Page.

16 Video Interviews
I have been incredibly busy while staying in NYC. Indeed, I managed to shoot 16 video interviews between Monday 28th and Wednesday 30th September.  I will be posting all of them on my blog soon. Stay tuned!

If you can’t wait to watch them, I invite you to visit my Dailymotion page andthe Visible Banking Facebook page.

Interview #3 – Yodlee: Peter Hazlehurst, SVP Products
Yodlee has done a great job building on their solid reputation as The account aggregation company to become a trusted provider of core banking solutions and financial applications. They also provide their free online PFM service, Yodlee MoneyCenter.

Yodlee is working behind the scenes with a significant number of financial institutions and startups such as Mint.com and many of the other demoing companies at Finovate 2009.

You can also find Yodlee on twitter @yodlee and facebook.

Peter Hazlehurst, SVP Products

This was my third meeting with Peter. It always a pleasure to catch up with him and Melanie Flanigan, Yodlee’s Senior Director Marketing.

I invite you to check my first interview with Peter at Finovate 2007 and the second interview I shot at their San Francisco / Redwood City office last year.

You can find Peter on linkedin and twitter @phazlehurst.

Finovate09-Demos-Yodlee-FinAppStoreDuring the interview we talked about:

Yodlee 10, their improved -more customer friendly and customized- interface
* the better use of the sizable amount of data Yodlee has access to
* Yodlee’s FinApp Store, their iPhone-apps-store like approach.

I invite you to watch my interview with Peter.


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