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Wells Fargo co-founds “the Blog Council”

Well Fargo 2.0
As far as I am concerned, Wells Fargo is the best example of how to leverage social media/web 2.0 in the banking industry. I invite you to check:
* my post “Wells Fargo 2.0“, and
my two slides on Wells Fargo during my recent speaking engagement in Barcelona.
Wells Fargo even have a team dedicated to experiential marketing and social media. Earlier this year I met Tim Collins, SVP Experiential Marketing, in London at a financial services club event, and I communicate regularly with their VP Social Media (how cool is that!), Ed Terpening.
Recently, they launched the upgraded version of their successful initiative in virtual worlds, StageCoach Island (initially launched on Second Life, back in 2005).
They launched their first blog back in March 2006. Now they have 4 corporate blogsthe Student LoanDown being extremely popular in the student community.
The Blog Council
Last week, Wells Fargo confirmed their involvment in web 2.0 and especially corporate blogging. Indeed, they are one of the co-founders of “the Blog Council“. Well Fargo is the only institution representing the banking industry.
I welcome this initiative which, I hope, will urge more banks to launch a blog, hence improve the way we communicate and engage with our customers. This initiative is a step in the right direction, but it is very much US centric, and I look forward to seeing the same kind of initiative in Europe soon.
Please find below the mission statement of the Blog Council:
“The Blog Council is a community for official corporate blogs and bloggers that represent major global corporations.Our mission is to address the unique needs of blogging in a corporate environment.

The Blog Council exists as a forum for executives to meet, share tactics and advice, and develop best practices. The organization teaches responsible, ethics-based corporate blogging.”

They will organize their first event in the US in January 2008, “the Blog Council Member Off-Site and Unconference #1”.

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Written by Christophe Langlois

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Currently, Christophe is 'Social Media Senior Managing Consultant' at IBM Interactive Experience. He's also a Digital Advisor at the Financial Services Forum and the Moller Centre (part of the Churchill College in Cambridge).

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