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Visible Banking: Interview with Daan Josephus Jitta, SVP Direct Channels and Innovation at ABN AMRO

EFMA-SocialMedia-Paris-19March2009It was my fourth EFMA event.
John Kirkbright, invited me to speak at “Social Media Revolution and Impact on Financial Services“, the conference he organized for the EFMA in Paris on 19th March 2009.

The event had speaker panels and interactive sessions to facilitate exchanges of information and ideas between a strictly limited audience of senior European banking executives from over 10 countries.

ABN AMRO and Social Media
Daan Josephus Jitta, Senior Vice President Direct Channels & Innovation at ABN AMRO Bank delivered a presentation entitled ‘ABN AMRO – ‘Experimenting with social media: vision, learnings and insights’.

I contacted Daan on Linkedin last year to invite him to speak at one of our internal innovation dinners at Lloyds TSB.

Daan presented three social media initiatives he helped ABN AMRO launch in the last couple of years to: capture customer feedback – blackboard(launched in Q4 2007) -, support the SME market with an online community – flametree -, and provide an entertaining experience on second life.

EFMA-SocialMedia-ABNAMRO-FlameTreeABN AMRO created flametree to help entrepreneurs to network, share their knowledge and trade. By the way, Daan’s team will launch flametree phase 2 later this week. The interface will be totally different, stay tuned!

I loved this quote from Daan’s presentation, ‘Being transparent requires more guts than talking about transparency.’

Interview with Daan (Paris, 19-Mar-09)


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