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Video Wrap Up of the Brilliant Dialog Konferansen 2010: Slides, Links, Transcript, Pictures

Last week, I traveled to Sweden to deliver a workshop and a presentation at the Dialog Konferansen 2010 in Strømstad.

Congratulations to the Bring Dialog team which put together a very special event with endless brilliant opportunities to network with the 430 delegates and 50 speakers!

I would be delighted and honored to contribute again next year.

My Video Wrap Up
I invite you to watch my comments on the organization, the speakers, and the content.

Companies mentioned: Scotiabank, Harvest Digital, Ants Eye View, Microsoft, EFMA, Foursquare, Twitter.
People mentioned: Mike Teasdale, Mark Holtom, Jonathan Huth, Sean O’Driscoll.

Twitter Coverage
Just a small group of tweeps covered the event on twitter, and very few conversations took place on the popular microblogging site. Unfortunately, the coverage of day 1 (the day I contributed to the event) was very limited. Special kudos to Graham Hill for his thorough coverage on day 2 and 3.

I spent quite some time putting together  of the event (93 tweets).

Please find below the tweets about social media activities:
* @JesperAstrom Dialogkonferansen – Social Media Money Slideshttp://bit.ly/a88P2E #dk10
* Opinions posted online are the most trusted forms of advertising globally – @seanodmvp on social media marketing #DK10
* @seanodmvp = 4 stages of journey to engaged enterprise: (0) unaware, (1) experimentation, (2) operationalized, (3) integrated – #dk10
* @seanodmvp = 3 types of social engagement must happen in this order: a) problem resolution, b) learn&improve, and c) share&discover #dk10
* @seanodmvp = define channels, set cust expect, build culture, focus on depth vs breadth, focus on engage pts, find the thank advocs #dk10
* Well put: ‘Find, thank and engage your advocates, systematically’. (@seanodmvp). Great presentation #DK10
* Tim Pile from Cogent #DK10: With social media we have lost controll over marketing. The key is how to manage our loss of control…
* Let the customers do your marketing for you – @GrahamHill #DK10
* Jan Huckfeldt #DK10 50% of SocMed users are also involved with branded media
* Jan Huckfeldt #DK10 33% use SocMed sites prior to buying a new product. Are you prepared?
* Jan Huckfeldt #DK10 Advocacy on SocMed is now the most important touchpoint McKinsey on Consumer Decision Journey http://bit.ly/99EsBe

My Slides with Links
In all my public speaking engagements, I always make sure to deliver inspirational, entertaining, and insightful presentations. In Sweden, I used slides as a mere support, which means that they didn’t contain much text.

I invite you to check my presentation as available on slideshare.

* Slide 2: Visible-Banking.comVisible Banking on FacebookVisible Banking on twitter
* Slide 3: Visible Banking Events: Singapore, 1st November 2010
* Slide 7: Stop the Great HSBC Graduate Rip-Off!!!Debtors Revolt Begins Now!
* Slide 8: Benchmarking – the Visible Banking Social Media Watch Series
* Slide 9: Another Angry Customer Using Social Media: PeoplesPops’ Blog Post & Tweets Against Chase Bank (Video)
* Slide 10: BofA_Help on Twitter and Get Satisfaction on Facebook
* Slide 12: Wake Up Call – 92M Global Users on Twitter
* Slide 15: the Wells Fargo Blogsfirstdirect live
* Slide 16: usaa.com
* Slide 18: youngfreealberta.com
* Slide 22: foursquare.com

I invite you to check my pictures on facebook, and check Mike’s pictures on flickr.

Blog Coverage
Dialogkonferansen – Bring Dialog 2010 – Strömstad (by Jesper Astrom)
Turning Love Into Money (by Walter Naeslund)
Bring’s Dialogue Marketing conference a huge success (by Michael Leander)


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