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VB140 #2 – Wells Fargo Launches the “With You When” Page on Facebook… and It leaves me Confused

It was a pleasure to receive an email from Tim Collins, SVP Experiential Marketing at Wells Fargo, earlier this week:
“‘With You When”  is our current marketing campaign that communicates that Wells Fargo, like the friends and family in your social network, Wells Fargo is with you when you need help in making important decisions, both in the past and the  future.  The Fan page includes financial tips, “With You When” commercials, the interactive Facebook Wall, and a fun, photo-morphing ‘Remember the Future’ app all presented in a popular ‘retro’ style.”

Please find below why I am a bit confused and disappointed with Wells Fargo – Wachovia’s Facebook strategy and this new page. Unfortunately, it reminds me far too much of the launch of the smart saver application by Lloyds TSB in the UK…

For instance, this Wachovia page, which would be ranked #87 out of the 370+ facebook pages, groups and apps I am tracking in my Visible Banking Facebook Watch, looks kind of ligit even though lacking of activity and content. But if you check the discussion board, you will find one thread entitled “Why Wachovia screws customers in the butt” with over 30 posts between June 2009 and February 2010.

I would mention Wells Fargo in the title of the page, as there are so many pages “off topic” which contain the words “with you when”.

Please find below two very different Saving / Financial Tips sections: the one on Well’s new page and UBank’s (which is ranked #40 on my VB Facebook Watch). According to you, which one if the most inviting, engaging, hence useful? Next step for UBank would be to categorize the ideas/tips.

What is the goal of the “Remember the Future App”? Is it really supposed to be that Fun?


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