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VB140 #1 – Contribute to Chubb Insurance’s Global Crowdsourcing Event on Managing Social Media Risk (26-29 April 2010)

The Chubb Group of Insurance Companies will host an interactive, worldwide discussion on social media risk management during this year’s Risk & Insurance Management Society annual conference April 26-29. Individuals and business professionals around the world, along with registrants to the Boston conference, are invited to join a dialogue that aims to identify and reduce the emerging risks businesses face as a result of Web 2.0 platforms like FacebookYouTubeTwitter, and corporate blogs.
Source: Chubb Insurance

Join us and contribute to the interactive webinar on April 26. Please find below my thoughts about social media and risk, and a bit of context for the event.

I salute the initiative which will surely generate a lot of buzz for Chubb. Nevertheless, I wonder:
1. how many people will make the effort to register between today and Thursday,
2. (more importantly) how many actionnable ideas will be identified,
3. how Chubb will leverage those ideas. What’s next? Will they create a global body / association for risk managers dedicated to minimizing the risk of social media? Will they allocate some budget to educate people and make them appreciate the outstanding reach of social media? Any thoughts?

Whatever happens, I will keep you informed on the Visible Banking blog and twitter account (@Visible_Banking)!


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