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VB Interview #8 – Patrick Gannon, SVP Lending at LendingClub (Finovate 07)


LendingClub is one of the leading players in the Social Lending space, with Zopa in the UK and of course Prosper in the US.

It was a pleasure to meet with John Donovan, COO, and Patrick Gannon, SVP Lending. Unfortunately, Renaud Laplanche, CEO and a fellow Frenchman, couldn’t attend the event.

Another good example of how to leverage Facebook
There was a lot of buzz surrounding LendingClub when it launched because it was only available on Facebook. Now, you can also register on their website directly.
Their Facebook application became rapidly a success with over $1million of loans funded within the first 100 days. Like Geezeo, their application on Facebook enabled LendingClub to quickly reach a critical mass of users and leverage the trusted networks available on Facebook, and quickly increase its brand awareness and its profile in the industry.

John presented their exclusive Lending Match technology. He also insisted on the fact that all the info available, on credit history for instance, is anonymous.

Interview with Patrick Gannon


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