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VB Interview #4 – Erik Hauser, Creative Director at Swivel Media (adtech London 07)

A couple of hours after posting my first article on the adtech event in London, one of Erik Hauser‘s colleagues contacted me to arrange a meeting during the conference.

And what a pleasure to meet Erik and shoot a video interview with him. Erik is one of the top experts on the topic of virtual worlds. He helped Wells Fargo to launch its Stagecoach Island project, initially on Second Life, back in 2004/2005. And Erik is the founder of the Experiential Marketing Forumwhich counts over 4,000 active members.

Erik’s presentation was extremely dynamic and it made a big impact on the audience.

Erik’s advice to the banks who are thinking of building a presence on a metaverse
As a bank, you may want a presence on a virtual world to educate youth, change the perception of the bank or hire people.

The most important is to know what your objectives are, and make intelligent decision on which platform you want to use. By the way, Second Life is not the only virtual world out there, there are many other metaverses…

I invite you to watch my interview with Erik.


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