VB Interview #26 – Mark Zaleski, Chairman of Dailymotion (Tech Tour 07)

I met Mark Zaleski at the European Tech Tour Web and Communities Summit in November 07. Dailymotion, was one of the 25 finalists.

Dailymotion is the number one independent video sharing site in the world. Dailymotion is very popular in France and all the French speaking countries. They have 38 million unique users per month, and 600 million videos viewed every month.

According to one journalist who met the executive team a few months ago, Dailymotion is “the largest company you have never heard of”. Indeed, even though Dailymotion is not as famous as YouTube in the US it ranks 34 in the Alexa rankings.

Dailymotion has a few key differentiators:
localization strategy: with a presence (to date) in France, the US, the UK, Germany and in Spain.
motion maker program: 20,000 creative content creators approved (to date) with no limitation in terms of length or size of the videos.
respect of the copyright owners: recently signed the disney principles.

Interview with Mark Zaleski

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Written by Christophe Langlois

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