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VB Interview #23 – Craig Hepburn, Global Webmaster at STA Travel (adtech London 07


I met Craig Hepburn after his panel session at the ad:techconference. Craig is on the speaker circuit, being regularly invited to share his hands-on experience in digital/social media, web 2.0 and virtual worlds. I catched up with Craig last week in London.

In the last three years, Craig has done a tremendous job at STA Travel: Craig is the in-house web 2.0 evangelist, and he successfully helped his company launch many web 2.0 initiatives.

I invite you to check some of STA Travel innovative projects:
Social networkingwww.mapmyadventure.com
Virtual worldswww.virtualstatravel.com

Craig is also a fellow blogger, please check his bloghttp://forwebsake.blogspot.com. In his blog, Craig shares his passion for innovation and his thoughts on topics such as Web TV, Virtual Worlds or location based technology.

Interview with Craig Hepburn



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