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VB Interview #21 – Rick Reesen and Klaus Hammermueller, IBM (The Virtual Worlds Forum London 07)


This is my second video interview with the IBM Digital Convergence Team at the Virtual Worlds Forum.

In my first interview with Paul Ledak, we talked about IBM’s expertise in virtual worlds, without insisting on the banking industry. I also had the chance to spend some time with two of IBM Digital Media experts specialized in the banking industry: Rick Reesen, System Architect based in the South of France, and Klaus Hammermueller, Digital Media Architect based in Austria.

During the interview, Rick and Klaus shared their expertise and talked about second life, IBM’s financial services showcase in Montpellier and their recent integration of a virtual ATM in second life to test some of the processes, and Deutsche Bank‘s innovative Q110 project.

Interview with Rick Reenes and Klaus Hammermueller


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