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VB Interview #15 – Kim Muhota, Founder & CEO of Pertuity


I met Kim Muhota, Founder & CEO of Pertuity, in NYC the day after the excellent Finovate 2007.

I had an extremely busy and productive day, and I successfully managed to shoot 9 video interviews with the senior executives of some of the most exciting web 2.0 companies.

Kim and I met at 7:00am, and you will probably notice from my voice on the video!

Via Visible Banking, Kim contacted me in mid September to invite me to check his website pertuitydirect.com and his flagship product Date to Compare. In top of that, for the last 5 years Kim has been working on a new service in the Personal Finance space. The launch is planned for Q1 2008.
Their motto is: “High interests, low returns, why shouldn’t be the other way around?”

Dare to compare
Dare to Compare is a peer to peer financial comparison widget. Users can compare themselves (around income, savings and debt) to (i) their peers in their age group around the U.S. or (ii) a group of people that they select – this group could be friends, family, co-workers; really anyone that the user wants to put into their comparison group.
I invite you to check Jim Bruene’s initial comments on Dare to Compare.

Interview with Kim Muhota



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