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VB Interview #13 – Andrew Taylor, CTO at Jwaala (Finovate 07)


Finovate‘s lineup of speakers was excellent and the personal finance space was well represented with companies such as Geezeoand Mint (both community -based) or YodleeCheckFree and Jwaala with their personal finance management tools for banks.

Andrew Taylor made a dynamic and compelling presentation. Jwaala’s flagship product is MoneyTracker. It went live at Amplify CU in March 07.

MoneyTracker includes an account aggregation engine, an advanced natural search feature and you can easily turn any search into an automatic alert with the option of receiving the info via email, sms or even personal rss feed. Jwaala’s rss feed is a real innovation in the financial services world.

During his presentation, Andrew insisted on the natural search feature which impressed the audience. It is extremely intuitive and it seems to work very well. Andrew also announced that Jwaala was now optimized for the iPhone screen.
Jwaala want to be known as an innovator: they took their rss initiative to the next level when they created the rss+OFX blog.

Interview with Andrew Taylor


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