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VB Interview #12 – Murali Subbarao, Founder & CEO of Billeo (Finovate 07)


I met Murali Subbarao, Founder & CEO of Billeo, atFinovate in October 2007 in New York City. Billeo provide three assistants online: the Bill Pay assistant, the Shopping assistant and the Password assistant.

In 2006, Billeo won two major distribution deals with target red card and Visa.com. Banks can brand Billeo’s interface and provide them to their clients.

During his presentation, Murali insisted on the Bill Pay assistant, “online bill paymlents made easy”, and the useful electronic filing cabinet.

Over 6,000 companies accept payments online. The Bill Pay assistant is a toolbar intergrated to your web browser. It lists all your payees and flags all your upcoming bills. It also provides a payment summary, displays the average payment amount and compare it to the other members’.

You can use the “fill the form” feature to automatically copy your personal information and pay the bill in seconds. All your personal information are encrypted, and stored locally on your computer.
You can easily store the transaction details, using the image capture feature, and then find them quickly with the advanced search feature provided by the electronic filing cabinet.

Interview with Murali Subbarao


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