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Umpqua Bank’s CEO is Waiting for Your Call [Transparency]

Now as a customer of Umpqua Bank, you can call the CEO and speak with him from the bank’s very own branch network.  So, would this initiative focused on transprarency make you open another account with Umpqua or switch from your current bank?

When was the last time you wrote to the CEO of your bank?  Probably never.  Even if you did, it is unlikely you received a response directly from The man.  But anyway, even in an ideal world, do you think it would be the best use of his time?

A small group of Senior Executives from the banking industry started in the last three years to make themselves more approachable and engage with their customers and their employees on social media channels via a blog or a personal twitter account.

I invite you to watch my short video hosted on our official YouTube channel.

Companies mentioned: Umpqua Bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, first direct, ING Direct Canada, Credit Agricole.

I invite you to check my list of banking / insurance / investment Senior Executives on twitter.

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