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INFOGRAPHIC Twitter Followers: Top 10 Financial Institutions vs Top 10 Brands

Social media infographic. My Visible Banking Team tapped our unique insights on twitter followers in financial services to create an insightful twitter infographic.

Many people think there is little point for financial institutions to be on twitter as financial brands are not ‘cool’ and nobody wants to like their bank or insurance company.  Last month, we put together an infographic with data and stats from the Top 10 brands on twitter and our own Top 10 financial institutions.

Like most people, are you convinced the top 10 brands on twitter, made of cool companies like starbucks or Disney, will easily win against the top 10 financial institutions even by technical K.O. on round 1?  You might want to hedge your bets and check out our infographic.  Food for thoughts.

If you are regular reader of the Visible Banking blog, you will already know that my team is now tracking well over 3,000 social media assets and initiatives in 78 countries.  All those initiatives are from the worldwide financial services industry exclusively and cover topics such as crowdsourcing, voice of the customer, facebook, twitter, mobile

I invite you to check out the infographic, share your comments (here, on facebook or on twitter), and tell us how valuable you did find it.

If the feedback is positive, we will consider launching a new infographic series of articles on the Visible Banking blog.

Please note that the data is from 1st March 2012.

INFOGRAPHIC Twitter Followers: Top 10 Financial Instutions vs Top 10 Brands



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