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The Virtual Worlds Forum London 07


The Virtual Worlds Forum was well attended: most delegates came from media agencies, venture capital firms, research firms and IT companies.

I spent just half a day at the conference, on Thursday 26th October. I spent most of my time working the room and meeting with exhibitors. I attended the session with the venture capitalists.

To find out more about the show, I invite you to check the official websitewith a few podcasts and the official blog.

Good networking opportunity
I met 17 people from the following companies: SXSW, Forrester Research, Hawkpoint, Drakeford & Kane, There, IBM, rivers run red, theguardian, The Electric Sheep Company, Ambient Performance, Techmedia and VastPark.

It was another productive day for me and my blog Visible Banking. I managed to shoot three video interviews:
Paul Ledak, VP Development Digital Convergence at IBM
Rick Reesen, System Architect at IBM, and Klaus Hammermueller, Digital Media Architect at IBM
* Justin Bovington, CEO at rivers run red



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