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the online_banking_summit – update

A quick update following up the recent online_banking_summit_2007, organized by Royal Media Group in North Carolina in March. JJ Hornblass, Royal Media’s CEO, invited me to speak about web 2.0.

Advisory Board
After this successful first conference, JJ and his team offered me to join the advisory board of this annual event. I am proud to be part of the board, and I very much look forward to helping Royal Media take the summit to the next level.

Keane – Online Services Survey: What Customers Want
Imran Sayeed, VP Global Financial Services
, was one of the speakers. We met on the first day, got on very well, and kept in touch. After the event, Imran sent me an excellent study Keane released in 2006.

He kindly accepted to share that presentation with you too: Online Services Survey: What Customers Want.

1,816 banking customers in the US, UK, and Canada responded to a 69-question online survey during Dec ’05 and Jan ‘06.

Please find below the key findings.
* The majority of customers want to improve their financial planning and admit they need help
* Financial services firms are pinpointing online customer experience as a priority for boosting their organic revenue growth
* Customer retention and cross-selling opportunities dominate the justification for investing in online customer experience
* But when customers are asked for more details of their online experience, it’s clear that they are not satisfied… it is obvious that primary institutions are falling short in advisory and planning offerings

Aite – Automating Account Opening In-Branch and Online: A Case Study of Alliant Credit Union
Aite just released a new 21-page impact note:“Alliant Credit Union, on average, was able to drive 13% of new account applicants to its online system in the first six months after deployment, and examines the business case for automated account opening solutions, in-branch and online.”

Link to Visible-Banking.com on Banknet360.com
Thanks Sara for the link to Visible Banking in your post on Banknet360,Banks Adding Products Online.

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