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The Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce

The Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce

Jibc“The goal of this publication is to inform banking and electronic commerce academics, executives and professionals on principal developments, profit-oriented business architecture, benchmarked practices, compliance, risk and accountability, and future trends in the Internet-based business, management and marketing of governments and industry. This free online interactive journal is a way to provide critical perspectives, distribute results, share information, establish research and business contacts (networking), and keep in touch.”

This website is a very good source of information. Excellent initiative from Array Development… and they started back in 1996!
I invite you to join their Yahoo! Group.

Opinion Articles & Peer Reviewed Research
Please find below a list of articles published in 2006.

December 2006
* Nigeria The Adoption of Internet Banking in Nigeria: An Empirical Investigation
* Malaysia Undergraduate Attitudes and Expectations for Mobile Banking
* India Impact of Demographics on the Consumption of Different Services Online in India
* UAE Diffusion of Internet Banking Amongst Educated Consumers in a High Income Country

August 2006
* Malaysia
 Classifying Users and Non-Users of Internet Banking in Northern Malaysia

April 2006
* India Data Protection in Consumer E-Banking
* USA A Security Concern in MS-Windows: Stealing User Information From Internet Browsers Using Faked Windows
* France Technological and organizational preconditions to Internet Banking implementation: Case of a Tunisian bank
* Nigeria 
* India Effective method of security measures in Virtual banking

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