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TD Bank Launches Bank Human, Gives a Voice To Social Media Banking Team

TD Bank Launches Bank Human, Gives a Voice To Social Media Banking Team

On January 2, 2013, TD Bank launched Bank Human, giving a voice to their customers, their employees and their social media banking team.

TD Bank Launches Bank Human, Gives a Voice To Social Media Banking TeamThis creative marketing platform makes employees and customers the center of attention and brings them the Most Convenient Bank’s legendary service and supreme convenience in the United States, according to Vinoo Vijay, TD Bank CMO.

Six 3-second light-hearted television ads show three things: a bank that’s closed as a customer tries to make after-work deposits, customers who interacted with automated tellers at financial institutions, and a customer who struggles with a pen and chained to the desk.

The ads declare the time to Bank Human, Again, offering customers free coin counting, the longest banking hours for debit cards instant-issue, and free unchained pens.

The campaign will have television, print and digital touch points. Television ads will air on prime time programs; print ads will appear in key publications; and digital ads will use rich media, dynamic banners, and rich media and will be driven to BankHumanAgain.com. All of these campaigns will be made through TD Bank’s footprint.

The new marketing campaign will shift from a celebrity-driven marketing and advertising to focusing on employees and customers. All engagement channels will focus on conveying the human experience with TD Bank by telling their experiences.

Customer stories will be featured at TD Bank stores LCD screens, and also on YouTube and the micro-site. The bank also intends to offer an online map of store locations in New York City.

Vinoo Vijay, TD Bank’s Chief Marketing Officer“Bank Human is all about people—our customers and employees. The new marketing campaign viscerally communicates TD’s attributes of unparalleled service and convenience, and our customer-first culture.”

Meet TD Bank’s Social Media Specialists

Source: prnewswire.com (@PRNewswire)

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In you opinion, as a financial institution how important is it to incorporate customer stories and give your employees a voice in your marketing campaigns?  Shall you systematically adopt a similar approach to TD Bank’s ‘Bank Human’ on TV, print and social media channels?  How credible are all those banking customers under the spotlights?

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