TD Bank Innovates on Google+ With Videos, Aims to Drive SEO For Local Searches

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TD Bank innovates on Google+ with exclusive video content to drive SEO for local searches. With those videos, TD Bank hopes to give their stores more visibility when internet users are searching for information about banking in their neighborhood.

TD Bank Innovates on Google+ With Videos, Aims to Drive SEO For Local SearchesThrough iCrossing, TD Bank (@TDBank_US) has produced 96 unique videos to be published at new Google+ local pages in New York. These videos feature on-location footage of the stores and interviews with the store managers.

According to Vinoo Vijay, TD Bank CMO, the bank has not created local Facebook pages for the individual stores and has confined its social media efforts to a main corporate Twitter and Facebook account. In an effort to develop content found in local banks, they launched a campaign called “Bank Human Again“.

TD Bank aims to provide content that will make the store more accessible to customers. The content will also be used in hyper-locally targeted display ads for NY residents to see the video after clicking an ad.

Even without explicit promise from Google that TD Bank’s Google+ local pages will appear in search ranking, Vijay thinks it will rank prominently based on maintenance and effort.

In a December blog post, senior VP Vic Gundotra referred to Google+ as the fastest-growing network thingy ever. The platform had 235 million active users including those who used Google products such as Gmail.

Wall Street Journal reported that 135 million of those monthly users visited Google+ web pages and its mobile app.

Key Stats

  • TD Bank has produced 96 unique videos to be published at Google+ local pages in NY
  • Google+ had 235 million active users
  • 135 million of those users visited Google+ web pages and its mobile app

About Google+ Local

Google+ Local is a way for users to share and discover new places. Using a scoring system, users can view detailed insights about different businesses and places before visiting.

Google+ Local allows users to:

  • Post reviews and photos of favourite places
  • Read reviews and summaries of different places before visiting
  • View the local Google+ page of a place or business and read reviews, view photos and get to know the place

Vinoo Vijay, TD Bank Chief Marketing Officer“Our ultimate goal is for more consumers to walk into our stores by giving them content that makes the store much more accessible. If we can make our content more relevant and more interesting, then, in my mind, that can only benefit us from a search perspective.”


Source: (@adage)

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In your opinion, how important is Google+ for your global / local SEO strategy? Like TD Bank, do you plan to allocate a bigger part of your 2013 social media budget to create some specific, exclusive, content for Google+?

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