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  • Grupo BBVA Spreads and Promotes Crowdfunding [Customer Voice]

    The Spanish Banking Group BBVA it’s trying to take advantage from crowdfunding with the creation of two platforms used to shorten distance between traditional banking and funding and a new a kind of banking, more social and transparent, able to create a feel of community in users. This last years are for a lot of persons, years […] More

  • Umpqua Bank’s CEO is Waiting for Your Call [Transparency]

    Now as a customer of Umpqua Bank, you can call the CEO and speak with him from the bank’s very own branch network.  So, would this initiative focused on transprarency make you open another account with Umpqua or switch from your current bank? When was the last time you wrote to the CEO of your bank?  Probably […] More

  • Open Bank & Universal Banking API: Future or Utopia? [INTERVIEW]

    The recent Barcampbank in Paris was very well attended with an energized crowd mainly from Paris but also a few participants from other countries such as the UK or Germany.  Two members of the ‘Open Bank Project’ team came all the way from Berlin to talk us through their game changing concept of universal banking API to […] More

  • l’Epargne Solidaire ‘a la Banca Civica’ en ‘Marque Blanche’ fournit aux institutions financières françaises une plateforme de crowdfunding facilitant l’épargne solidaire sur le modèle de Caja Navarra (maintenant au sein du groupe bancaire ‘Banca Civica’). La semaine dernière, je me suis déplacé à Paris pour contribuer a la 7eme edition du BarCampBank Paris ou j’ai passé une excellente journée avec près d’une centaine de passionés […] More

  • BarCampBank Paris: 80+ Crowd Shapes the Future of Banking [COVERAGE]

    As mentioned in a previous article, I was in Paris on Saturday to participate to the 7th edition of the BarCampBank Paris.  The event was extremely well attended with over 80 energized participants, all willing to engage in (occasionally heated) conversations on the broad topic of innovation in banking. A big thank you to the organizers […] More

  • Visible Banking Covers BarCampBank Paris: Big Data, Innovation, Mobile

    I will be travelling to France to participate and cover the BarCampBank Paris which will be focused on big data, innovation, mobile and open / API banking. I am not sure how familiar you are with the very concept of “unconference” and the “BarCamp” movement?  In the last few years, a group of passionate banking […] More

  • Capturing & Leveraging “the Voice Of the Customer” (VOC): Are You Reactive or Proactive?

    If capturing and leveraging “the Voice Of the Customer” (VOC) is one of the most difficult challenges for financial institutions, it also became increasingly critical and it is a tremendous driver for differentiation today. We can distinguish two key approaches of VOC projects: being reactive or being proactive. The later offering the biggest opportunity to change brand perception and […] More

  • NAB’s “The Break Up”: a Traditional Marketing Campaign with an Efficient Social Media PUSH

    There are dozens of ways to leverage social media: from the less engaging (such as posting a job on linkedin, advertising on facebook, using a twitter account as “a glorified RSS feed”) to the most transparent and inviting (communicating about a sensitive merger, crowdsourcing to achieve product co-creation). On Monday 14 February 2011, Australia’s NAB leveraged social media to […] More