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  • Czech Banks Facebook Banking Research

    Are Czech Banks Banking on Facebook? [RESEARCH]

    The Prague Post recently highlighted a couple of social media banking studies benchmarking the level of positive engagement on Facebook from the leading Czech banks. While Social Media interactions between companies and their consumers are fast increasing, not everyone enjoys the same level of success. A research conducted by Interactive Research Center on the communication […] More

  • The Power of the Twitter Hashtag

    How to Use Twitter Hashtags [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Wondering how to use twitter hashtags more effectively to increase the ROI of your content strategy on twitter? Check out this social media infographic for small businesses. For those of you working for a small business and still figuring out how to make the most of twitter, I suggest you start with maximising the visibility […] More

  • Digital Banking Social Media EFMA Distribution Summit 2015

    Digital Banking and Social Media at EFMA Distribution Summit 2015

    Visible Banking’s Christophe Langlois will share his expert views on digital banking and social media at the European Financial Marketing Association (EFMA) Distribution Summit 2015. This is another exciting week: following my session at the Financial Services Forum’s ‘Annual Member’s Conference: Customers are Setting the Business Agenda‘ on Tuesday, I will head to London Gatwick […] More

  • OnePiece Store SocialCurrency FakeTwitter Followers

    How to Turn $5 into $80 in 24h with Twitter and Fiverr [Social Currency]

    OnePiece Pop Up NYC launches #SocialCurrency store, gives you $1 credit per 500 social media followers. Can fake twitter followers bought on Fiverr bankrupt a retailer in the future? This morning an article from caught my eye, ‘Pop-up store lets you pay for clothes using your social network clout‘.  In a nutshell, OnePiece, an […] More

  • Siam Commercial Bank Twitter Followers 200k Social Media Banking August 2014

    Siam Commercial Bank Reaches 200k Twitter Followers with @SCB_Thailand

    Social media banking. In August 2014, Siam Commercial Bank reached a major social media milestone with 200k twitter followers on the @SCB_Thailand twitter account. As part of our Visible Banking Twitter Watch series, my Team now tracks well over 3,000+ twitter accounts (banking, insurance, investment, cards and payments) globally: over 220 million twitter followers from 88 countries (1st May 2014). Congratulations to […] More

  • SAP Financial Services Forum London 2014

    Top Keynote Speakers: SAP Financial Services Forum London 2014’s Christophe Langlois was invited to join the line up of top keynote speakers at the SAP Financial Services Forum 2014 and discuss the business impact of social media on customer experience. Following a few successful speaking engagements with them over the years, SAP invited me to deliver the final keynote session on the first […] More

  • Fun Social Media Logos

    86% of US Insurers Will Invest More in Social Media in 2015

    A recent Moody’s survey of US life insurers and P&C insurers revealed that 86% of them expect to increase their social media insurance presence in 2015. Following a recent LIMRA survey confirming that almost every US life insurance firm has a social media program, Moody’s released the results of their own survey on social media […] More