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  • Apple Pay Mobile Payments

    Apple Promotes Apple Pay Ahead of Samsung, Android Pay Launch

    A few days before the Android Pay and Samsung Pay launches, Apple finally published a video promoting its popular Apple Pay service among Apple Watch owners. About a year after launch, Apple has recently published their first official YouTube video focused exclusively on their mobile payment service, Apple Pay. Since the initial take up of […] More

  • Axis Bank Ping Pay P2P payments social media banking

    Axis Bank Enables P2P Payments via WhatsApp, Social Media

    Axis Bank became the latest Indian bank to tap social media banking with ‘Ping Pay’, a P2P payment service enabling their banking customers to send money to their friends via WhatsApp. Axis Bank announced the upcoming launch of the ‘Ping Pay‘ app, a self-proclaimed ‘first multi social payment in India’ embracing the social media banking […] More

  • American Express Twitter Followers 700k Social Payments March 2014

    American Express Reaches 700k Twitter Followers with @AmericanExpress

    Social payments. In March 2014, American Express reached the outstanding social media milestone of 700k twitter followers with the @AmericanExpress twitter account. As part of our Visible Banking Twitter Watch series, my Team now tracks well over 3,000+ twitter accounts (banking, insurance, investment, cards and payments) globally: over 20 million twitter followers from 88 countries (1st March 2014). Congratulations to American Express (@AmericanExpress) for […] More

  • Axa Metrobank Card Square Mobile Payments Insurance Innovation

    AXA and Metrobank Card Launch Mobile Payment Service for Insurance [INNOVATION]

    Insurance innovation. Axa and Metrobank card launched a Square-like mobile payment service via credit cards, on smartphones and tablets, for life insurance in the Philippines. AXA Philippines launches MSwipe, the country’s first mobile insurance payment system. MSwipe allows Axa agents to accept real-time credit card payment transactions using their mobile devices such as smartphones or […] More

  • American Express Helps Small Businesses Track Expenses with Free Mobile Apps

    American Express Helps Small Businesses Track Expenses with Free Mobile Apps

    Mobile payments. All American Express OPEN cardholders can now easily track business expenses with ReceiptMatch, Amex’s free mobile apps for iPhone and Android. ReceiptMatch for iPhone and Android is the latest added value service from American Express OPEN to its small businesses cardholders with the Business Gold Rewards Card, the Plum Card®, and The Business Platinum Card. It provides members with […] More

  • 10 Things Banks Can Learn From Uber Limo Company Innovation

    10 Lessons Banks Can Learn From a Limo Company [Uber Innovation]

    Banking innovation. Aman Narain – Global Head of Digital Banking at Standard Chartered shares his excitment for a tech company ‘Uber’ aka the ‘Apple’ of Limo’s and its inspired focus on design, technology and business models. As you know, I am a big fan of the Standard Chartered Breeze team. My friend Aman Narain successfully […] More

  • M-Remittances Mobile Transfers Payment Innovation Visible Banking

    M-Remittances: The New El Dorado For Mobile Transfers? [Payment Innovation]

    Manuel Romero – Multichannel Innovation at Barclays Bank Spain shares his views on the potential of m-remittances for mobile transfers and payment innovation. On 4th February 2012, we turned 5 on that date, I announced the launch of the ‘Visible Banking Stars‘ programme as well as the total redesign of If you are interested in […] More

  • South Africa FNB CEO Social Media Banking Mobile Payments Twitter

    8 Questions To FNB’s CEO On Social Media Banking, Mobile Payments, Twitter

    For our sixth edition of our ‘5 Questions on Digital Innovation‘ (including social media banking, twitter, mobile…), I interviewed the digitally engaged CEO of  FNB Bank in South Africa, Michael Jordaan. Me and my Visible Banking team have been closely following First National Bank (FNB) in the last few years. Indeed, under the leadership of Michael […] More