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  • Third of Banking Customers Would Switch Banks For Peer Reviews

    Third of Banking Customers Would Switch Banks For Peer Reviews [VOC]

    According to YouGov poll conducted by BT, a third of banking customers would switch banks for peer reviews. Research showed that a majority of 6,500 people from six countries would value a portable account number. These countries include Spain (76%), Hong Kong (70%), France (64%), Germany (61%), and UK (62%). The factors that were less […] More

  • Standard Chartered Sets New Benchmark For Digital Customer Experience Excellence

    Standard Chartered Sets New Benchmark For Digital Banking Customer Experience

    Standard Chartered sets new benchmark for digital customer experience excellence as it launched the bank’s responsive, and social media banking integrated online banking website in India. The new website has a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, and it integrates social media sites to facilitate better information sharing. According to Aman Narain, Group Head of Internet […] More

  • Standard Chartered Breeze Mobile Banking

    10 Questions To Standard Chartered On Social Media Banking, Mobile, Online

    For our third edition of our ‘5 Questions on Digital Innovation‘ (including social media, gamification, crowdsourcing), I interviewed Aman Narain, the Global Head of Online and Mobile Banking at Standard Chartered. From the very first time I met my now friend Aman Narain – Global Head of Online & Mobile Banking at Standard Chartered in […] More

  • New Generation Banking Mobile Banking Revolution Spain

    Spain’s New Generation Banking: Mobile Banking Revolution

    Ignasi Martín Morales, CatalunyaCaixa’s Director of Electronic Banking, talks us through the new generation banking in Spain, led by the mobile banking revolution. On 4th February 2012, we turned 5 on that date, I announced the launch of the ‘Visible Banking Stars‘ programme as well as the total redesign of  If you are interested in […] More

  • Mobile Banking 300 Million Users

    Mobile Banking Reaches 300 Million Users, Will Overcome Online Banking By 2015

    According to the ABA Banking Journal, mobile phones have become necessary to both business and private sectors. In 2011, the number of mobile phone users even reached up to six billion while the number of customers using mobile banking reached 300 million worldwide. Now, approximately 85-90% of the world’s population is covered by mobile networks […] More

  • HEATED DEBATE: Would You Use Online Banking On Facebook? [CNN Money]

    Facebook is now starting to support new services for banks that allow them to interact with their customers. Which leads to the question, are you willing to manage your finances via Facebook? There are a lot of things you can do on Facebook. You can post and share vacation photos, party photos and you can […] More