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  • 7 Top News Social Media Financial Services 11 December 2012 Visible Banking

    7 Unmissable News Social Media In Financial Services Today #3

    7 Top Daily News on Social Media in Financial Services (11 December 2012): P2P Lending to be regulated in the UK, APAC insurers to focus on social media in 2013. Since 2007, we’ve curated the best social media in financial services news and initiatives worldwide.  We aim to publish on daily basis our selection of the top social […] More

  • NAB National Australia Bank Facebook Page

    Westpac Banking Customer Gives 6/10 to NAB’s Facebook Page

    In her first guest article, Melissa – a real banking customer from Australia – shares her views on NAB’s main facebook page.  She gave the Australian bank’s social media asset -that she found slightly confusing- a 6 out of 10.  But it is not all negative. In March 2012, I announced the launch of the ‘Voice […] More

  • dreamforce 2012 NAB Wholesale Launches Chatter

    NAB Wholesale Taps Social Business, Catches Up With 78,000 NAB and CBA Employees

    National Bank of Australia taps’s social business platform to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing in its wholesale and business banking division.  This move follows a previous roll-out to about 40,000 retail banking staff. NAB introduced the social business Chatter platform to 1,300 staff last July 16 under Dean Puhalovic. In’s Dreamforce 2012 conference, […] More

  • The NAB Labs are More About Bootstrapping than Innovation or Crowdsourcing

    In case you missed it, in November and December 2011, NAB conducted on its facebook page for students ‘NAB Student Collective‘ a project named ‘NAB Labs’. As part of our Visible Banking Facebook Watch series (1,350+ pages and apps in 75 countries), my team tracks the most interesting initiatives on facebook from the financial services industry: those […] More

  • Is NAB Having Post ‘Break Up’ Afterthoughts? [Crisis Management]

    As most of you already know, I am about to wrap up a successful business trip in Singapore and Australia. My schedule in Australia was already packed with many business meetings and social media workshops lined up with many financial institutions.  But I was delighted to see so many news and events took place in Sydney in the last […] More

  • NAB’s “The Break Up”: a Traditional Marketing Campaign with an Efficient Social Media PUSH

    There are dozens of ways to leverage social media: from the less engaging (such as posting a job on linkedin, advertising on facebook, using a twitter account as “a glorified RSS feed”) to the most transparent and inviting (communicating about a sensitive merger, crowdsourcing to achieve product co-creation). On Monday 14 February 2011, Australia’s NAB leveraged social media to […] More