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  • Social Media Mobile Financial Services Mondato Summit Europe 2014

    Social Media and Mobile Financial Services at Mondato Summit Europe 2014

    Visible Banking’s Christophe Langlois will engage the audience on the role of social media in the adoption of mobile financial services at the Mondato Summit Europe 2014. I’ve been invited by the Mondato Team to come talk about ‘the Role of Social Networks in Future Mobile Adoption‘ and lead a roundtable discussion on social media […] More

  • Axa Metrobank Card Square Mobile Payments Insurance Innovation

    AXA and Metrobank Card Launch Mobile Payment Service for Insurance [INNOVATION]

    Insurance innovation. Axa and Metrobank card launched a Square-like mobile payment service via credit cards, on smartphones and tablets, for life insurance in the Philippines. AXA Philippines launches MSwipe, the country’s first mobile insurance payment system. MSwipe allows Axa agents to accept real-time credit card payment transactions using their mobile devices such as smartphones or […] More

  • M-Remittances Mobile Transfers Payment Innovation Visible Banking

    M-Remittances: The New El Dorado For Mobile Transfers? [Payment Innovation]

    Manuel Romero – Multichannel Innovation at Barclays Bank Spain shares his views on the potential of m-remittances for mobile transfers and payment innovation. On 4th February 2012, we turned 5 on that date, I announced the launch of the ‘Visible Banking Stars‘ programme as well as the total redesign of If you are interested in […] More

  • South Africa FNB CEO Social Media Banking Mobile Payments Twitter

    8 Questions To FNB’s CEO On Social Media Banking, Mobile Payments, Twitter

    For our sixth edition of our ‘5 Questions on Digital Innovation‘ (including social media banking, twitter, mobile…), I interviewed the digitally engaged CEO of  FNB Bank in South Africa, Michael Jordaan. Me and my Visible Banking team have been closely following First National Bank (FNB) in the last few years. Indeed, under the leadership of Michael […] More

  • Commonwealth Bank Social Media Innovation Marketing Stats 2012

    7 Questions To CommBank’s CMO On Social Media Banking, P2P, Mobile

    For our fifth edition of our ‘5 Questions on Digital Innovation‘ (including social media banking, gamification, crowdsourcing, P2P, mobile), I interviewed the inspirational Andy Lark, the Chief Marketing and Online Officer at Commonwealth Bank of Australia. From the very first time I met Andy Lark – Chief Marketing and Online Officer at Commonwealth Bank of […] More

  • Seven Predictions NFC payments will hit Ten Percent Of Mobile Payments in 2015

    7 Predictions: NFC payments will hit 10% Of Mobile Payments in 2015

    Gartner analyst Avivah Litan predicts that Near Field Communication or NFC payments will hit 10% of mobile payment in 2015 compared to SMS payments which will represent 50% of mobile payment around the world. Dozens of new smartphones that run Windows (@Windows), Android (@Android), and Blackberry (@BlackBerry) launched last year included an NFC chip. However, […] More