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  • Social Media Influences Seventy Percent Of Investors For Personal Finance And Investing

    Social Media Influences 70% Of Investors For Personal Finance And Investing [REPORT]

    Social media influences 70% of investors for their personal finance and investing decisions, reflecting the importance of a strong social media strategy for fund distributors and asset managers. According to a report conducted by Cogent Research (@cogentresearch) based on a survey of over 4,000 investors with more than $100,000 investible assets, 34% of affluent investors use […] More

  • ING Recruits Next Gen Bankers Via Social Media Contest on Facebook

    ING Recruits Next Gen Bankers Via Social Media Contest on Facebook

    ING (@ING_News) recruits next gen bankers via social media contest on Facebook. ING has launched a unique social media campaign in order to create a future with their customers as supported by a clear communication between bankers and customers. CEMS and AIESEC also play an important role to reach and engage the target audience of the campaign. Children […] More

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    ING Opens Customer Data To ‘Good Developers’ Via Banking API

    ING Group’s international retail banking arm has now allowed external software and app developers to create relevant apps through their API. Developers can access customer data to create innovative apps. The bank was building software development kits where third party developers can use to create apps to sell through the app store. This project is […] More

  • ING’s “Pick your financial advisors” blog

    ING is one of the most dynamic and innovative European banks in terms ofweb 2.0 and buzz/viral marketing. They have a Dutch “mini-state” on Second Life, they recently launched a viral marketing site with its own profile on YouTube… On regular basis, I check the ING Asia/Pacific’s blog initiated by Jacques Kamp, CEO ING Asia/Pacific. A couple of weeks ago, I found […] More

  • ING creates Dutch ‘mini-state’ in Second Life

    ING creates Dutch ‘mini-state’ in Second Life – Article found on finextra (23/02/07) “The bank says the aim of the site is to build an online community of creative and entrepeneurial people. Residents will be able to set up a new business, build their own housing and design new products.” More