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  • UBS the Future of Finance Challenge Banking Innovation

    UBS Launches Future of Finance Challenge with Fintech Startups

    UBS launches the Future of Finance Challenge, a global open innovation competition for entrepreneurs, start-ups and companies in growth mode to transform the customer experience. “This global open innovation competition, the UBS Future of Finance Challenge, is for entrepreneurs, start-ups or growing companies that could change the way finance works and how banks meet their […] More

  • Deutsche Bank Launches “Meine Bank” App for Apple Watch

    Deutsche Bank became the latest financial institution to tap the smartwatch craze with the launch their mobile banking app for the Apple Watch, “Meine Bank”. Deutsche Bank announced the availability of an Apple Watch flavour of their mobile banking app, “Meine Bank“. Deutsche Bank joins the likes of CommBank in Australia and Tangerine in Canada […] More

  • SAP Financial Services Forum London 2014

    Top Keynote Speakers: SAP Financial Services Forum London 2014’s Christophe Langlois was invited to join the line up of top keynote speakers at the SAP Financial Services Forum 2014 and discuss the business impact of social media on customer experience. Following a few successful speaking engagements with them over the years, SAP invited me to deliver the final keynote session on the first […] More

  • Citi Private Banking Dena Brumpton Digital Innovation Wealth Management

    The Importance of Digital Innovation in Private Banking [INTERVIEW]

    In her interview with Euromoney Magazine, Citi Private Banking’s COO, Dena Brumpton highlights the importance of digital innovation and client experience in wealth management. Euromoney Magazine recently published the short video above as part of the Euromoney Innovations in Wealth Management Awards. Dena Brumpton: “Innovation in private banking is critical and the bottom line is it’s […] More

  • 10 Things Banks Can Learn From Uber Limo Company Innovation

    10 Lessons Banks Can Learn From a Limo Company [Uber Innovation]

    Banking innovation. Aman Narain – Global Head of Digital Banking at Standard Chartered shares his excitment for a tech company ‘Uber’ aka the ‘Apple’ of Limo’s and its inspired focus on design, technology and business models. As you know, I am a big fan of the Standard Chartered Breeze team. My friend Aman Narain successfully […] More

  • Standard Chartered Sets New Benchmark For Digital Customer Experience Excellence

    Standard Chartered Sets New Benchmark For Digital Banking Customer Experience

    Standard Chartered sets new benchmark for digital customer experience excellence as it launched the bank’s responsive, and social media banking integrated online banking website in India. The new website has a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, and it integrates social media sites to facilitate better information sharing. According to Aman Narain, Group Head of Internet […] More

  • Standard Chartered Breeze Offers Mobile Banking Talents More MoVe Fellowships

    Standard Chartered Breeze Offers Mobile Banking Talents More MoVe Fellowships

    Standard Chartered Breeze offers mobile banking talents more MoVe fellowships. The bank is now looking for aspiring technopreneurs who loves solving problems using technology, believes that mobile can greatly change the way people live in the future. Move Ventures Fellowship 2013 (MoVe) is a result of the partnership of Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (iDA) (@IDA_SINGAPORE) […] More

  • BNZ Targets Youth Money With Gamification and Social Media Banking

    BNZ Targets Youth Money With Gamification and Social Media Banking

    BNZ Bank targets youth money with gamification and social media banking. It involves young citizens of ages 18 to 29. The service is called YouMoney and is presented by iOS-like icons on the left corner of the computer screen and transaction history on the right once the icons are clicked. All you have to do […] More

  • Good Bank Founder - iPhone 5, Apple Banking, Lady Gaga, Banking Innovation - Next Bank Europe

    Good Bank Founder on iPhone 5, Lady Gaga, Banking Innovation

    This is a short extract of my Next Bank Europe video interview with Good Bank’s Founder on iPhone 5, Lady Gaga and banking innovation. On 11th October, I contributed to Next Bank Europe which assembled a superb line up of speakers, including my good friend and Brett King – Founder of Movenbank. I published on Visible Banking the videos I […] More