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  • Chase Mission Small Business Winners [Social Media Banking]

    Chase ‘Mission: Small Business’ Attracts 70,000 SMEs and 3.1 Million Votes

    Mission: Small Business℠ a program, sponsored by Chase and LivingSocial has attracted nearly 70,000 small businesses for a chance to win a $250,000 grant to grow their respective businesses and improve their local communities. The program is offering up to $3 million in grants to inspiring businesses in America. The goal of the program is […] More

  • Eva Longoria, Matthew McConaughey and David Robinson Join Chase Community Giving’s 2011 Advisory Board

    Yesterday, Chase announced to their 2.9 million fans on facebook the last addition to the Advisory Board of the 3rd edition of their popular ‘Chase Community Giving’ programme. The advisory board counts 6 members: two from the business world, four from the entertainment world. Business * Kimberly Davis, Head of Global Philanthropy at JPMorgan Chase * Elliot Schrage, VP of Communications and […] More

  • Chase Community Giving 3.0

    It’s that time of the year again. On April 21st, Chase launched the third edition (I’m tempted to say the third “generation”) of its popular Chase Community Giving contest on facebook which consists of an official pageand an application. They also have a close-to- inactive twitter account. In a nutshell, the US bank gives facebook users the opportunity to choose how it […] More

  • R.I.P. Chase +1 on Facebook. Long Live American Express.

    I started to write this article on 24th November, but I was curious to find out how many industry bloggers and journalists would spot this too. To this date, I couldn’t find any other coverage of this event. Just two months ago, on 22 October 2010, the banking industry lost what could have become one of the […] More