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  • Reaches 10 Million Users Becomes First PFM Community to Reach 10 Million Users (70% Use Mobile)

    Founded back in 2006 by the well-known Aaron Patzer, who sold his brainchild to Intuit back in 2009, proudly announced that they reached their 10th million registered user. First of all, congratulations to the team and Intuit for reaching this outstanding milestone.  10 million users, including 7 million mobile users. Please note that […] More

  • ICICI Bank Partners Social Money to Socialize its Savings Products in India

    Just a couple of few weeks following the opening of their Indian office, Smartypig announced today a partnership with ICICI Bank which will utilize their new Saas service, ‘GoalSaver’, to offer its banking customer base an innovative approach to savings with goal-oriented products leveraging the virality of social media. Last week Jon Gaskell, one of […] More

  • Sociéte Générale Invite ses Clients à Beta Tester son Service PFM

    Le 15 mars, la Société Générale a annoncé le lancement imminent de leur outils de gestion de budget intégré à la banque en ligne et ainsi bientôt disponible aux trois millions d’utilisateurs. La banque a invité ses clients à beta tester son service et partager leurs feedback et leurs suggestions. Ce communiqué de presse insiste […] More

  • Bankin’: le PFM sur Mobile et l’Aggrégation avec Eurobits [INTERVIEW]

    Au cours de notre interview le Co-Foundateur de ‘Bankin’, la startup française spécialisée dans le PFM sur mobile, partage son expérience du monde bancaire français qui est dans son ensemble pour le moins réticent sur les thèmes de l’aggrégation de comptes et de l’ouverture bancaire. Les thèmes du ‘Personal Finance Management’ (PFM), service de gestion […] More

  • Meniga’s CEO: PFM Fully Integrated to Online Banking [INTERVIEW]

    Meniga was the only PFM white-label solution provider demoing at Finovate Europe 2012.  Their CEO talked us through their new concept of “peace of mind banking” based on leveraging gamification and driving social curiosity, with a PFM service fully integrated to online banking. A couple of weeks ago, I covered Finovate Europe 2012 live on the Visible Banking blog. […] More

  • IND Group: Bringing Gamification into the Online Bank [INTERVIEW]

    The IND Group recently launched a new solution offering gamification within the online bank to impact customer’s behavior, drive retention and increase share of wallet. Last week, I covered Finovate Europe 2012 live on the Visible Banking blog.  At the end of another long day packed with innovative digital services and platforms, I managed to record a short […] More

  • Finovate Europe 2012 (Photos, Videos, Crowdsourced Blog Coverage)

    Today, I am participating to my 5th Finovate event and the second in London.  It is always a great feeling: catching up with friends from the industry and discovering some of the most exciting online finance startups in areas such as: online banking, mobile, PFM, online communities, crowdsourcing, digital security, not only in B2C, but also in […] More

  • Online Social Savings Leader Smartypig Becomes SaaS with GoalSaver

    Last night, I exchanged a few emails with Jon Gaskell – Co-Founder of Smartypig.  Jon gave me the heads up on today’s major announcements from the digital leader of goal-oriented social savings: a rebranding, a product launch, a new engagement model with an extended market -the whole worldwide financial services industry-. For those of you who are not […] More

  • Le Credit Agricole Championne l’Ouverture Bancaire avec son SDK [INTERVIEW]

    Cette fois-ci, l’innovation vient directement de la Fédération Nationale du Crédit Agricole (FNCA). Et ici, il n’est pas question d’innovation incrémentale, mais bien d’innovation de rupture.  Le Crédit Agricole a pris la decision strategique (un exploit en soit) de s’ouvrir au monde des developpeurs et de leur fournir un API et un SDK leur permettant […] More

  • Etes-Vous Pret a ‘Lever le Secret Bancaire au Profit de Fortuneo’? [BUDGET]

    Avec son service en ligne de budget gratuit, Fortuneo (membre du groupe Crédit Mutuel) devient aujourd’hui la deuxième institution bancaire française à proposer un service de gestion de budget / PFM à ses clients, et la 1ère à proposer ce service à tous les francais (clients ou non). Le theme de la gestion de budget, Personal Finance […] More