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Startups, Apply Now to Raise Your Profile & 100,000 Euros! BBVA’s Open Talent Phase 1 (Application) is ending on December 15th

Updated on 9th December: please note you have to send you applicationby 15th December.

Why Should You Consider Applying This Week?
I shot this video to emphasize the size of the opportunity offered by this initiative.

One of the key benefits is definitely BBVA’s deep understanding of online, mobile and social, and their commitment to innovate.

Qualifying Startups 

Does your company present the following characteristics?

* 0-24 month old with an operational solution or service
* Operating in one of the following five spaces:
1. Internet/Mobile Payments
2. SMEs
3. Digital Business
4. Mobile Financial Applications
5. Cloud computing
* Looking for
1. Visibility
2. Money
3. Expertise
4. Contacts
5. Passion?

6 Reasons to Apply
Taking part of the 2nd edition of BBVA’s Open Talent you will:
1. Raise your profile
2. Have another opportunity to network with your peers and fellow entrepreneurs
Being shortlisted you will:
3. Participate to the 1-day event at the BBVA Research Center in Madrid
4. Receive some coaching and advice from the BBVA team of industry experts
Winning you will:
5. Raise up to 100,000 euros
6. Work with a worldwide leader in financial services innovation

Call to Action: Submit your Application on BBVAOpenTalent.com
For more information about Open Talent, I invite you to visithttp://bbvaopentalent.com.

Still Not Convinced? Contact Last Year’s Winner
Find out more about Pidecita, last year’s winner, in the video below.
You can reach the Pidecita team on twitterfacebook and their blog.

BBVA’s Commitment to Innovate & Engage: Strategy + Current Projects

I will dedicate a proper post to Jose Antonio and BBVA on Visible Bankingsoon, but I believe the interview I shot with Jose Antonio last week in Madrid will help you decide.


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