Standard Chartered in UAE Launches ‘Get Rich With A Click’ to Increase their Fan Base on Facebook and Drive Activity & Adoption of Online Banking

Several times a week, I search facebook for new initiatives from the Finance industry to add to my Visible Banking Facebook Watch.

Last week, I found this recommendation from Facebook based on two of my friends from Standard Chartered. 

I met Aman, Global Head of Remote Banking, in Singapore atRetail Banking Innovation 2008where we were both speaking, and I met Naresh, Head of Solutions Delivery, Consumer Transaction Banking, in Kuala Lumpur at the E-Channel Management event I chaired earlier this year.

This is an interesting initiative from Standard Chartered Bank in UAE. I invite you to check their facebook page to read the Rules & Conditions.

You can also follow them on twitter @Stan_Chart_Bank (not the best username, nor the best look-and-feel for an official account) to find out who won.

The Get Rich With A Click initiative will kick off on 4th December.

In the meantime, Standard Chartered will give away one iphone per day to their online banking customers who are also fans of their facebook page. (I count 6 winners so far, as of 31st October, the date I wrote this post)

Visible Banking Facebook Watch
I invite you to check my #1 update.

Please note that I am also tracking two other popular initiatives from Standard Chartered on Facebook:
Page from Singapore -> 4,200+ fans
Group from Jordan -> 1,700+ members

My ambition is to establish my Visible Banking Social Media Watch Series (TwitterBlogsFacebook and YouTube) as The first point of reference in the Finance industry.

I aim to demonstrate that the industry can leverage social media, even though very few FIs do it well mainly due to lack of a subject matter expert. Indeed it is good to know how the likes of Dell, Starbucks and Toyota successfully leverage social media, but the Finance industry is a totally different ball game…

Interview with Aman Narain, Global Head of Remote Channels at Standard Chartered
I invite you to read my post from RBI 2008, and watch my interview with Aman:

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Written by Christophe Langlois

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