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Social Media in Banking – Key News via Twitter: 15-21 February 2010

Key news: 1-7 Feb ¦ 8-14 Feb ¦ 15-21 Feb ¦ 22-28 Feb

In case you missed them, I listed and categorized some of my favourite tweets from last week (15-21 Feb) including my tweets and the ones I RTed.

I invite you to read three of my most recent posts: Guest Post #4 – Overview of Social Media and Banking in Spain (by Jesus Perez)The Impact of Social Media on The Robin Hood Tax Initiative, and my Visible Banking Twitter Watch #17. And please make sure your social media initiatives are included in my social media directory.
Robin Hood Tax
* Video: #socialmedia & the Robin Hood Tax campaign http://bit.ly/b29Igq ¦ #RHT supporters @ or DM me 2B added 2 my robinhoodtax list
* @RobinHood When R U planning 2 put 2gether a list of MPs on twitter? #~~> http://bit.ly/RHoodT
* The @RobinHood Tax video on YouTube has been viewed 250k times in just 9 days (or just under 20x per mn) http://bit.ly/cL2Vq4
* The @RobinHood Tax page on facebook has over 100k fans (+50% btw Mon-Thr, an average of 8 new fans / mn)

* BNP Paribas lance la 2ème édition du jeu d’entreprise Ace Managerhttp://careers.bnpparibas.com/pid1030/ace-manager.html (via @bnpp_recrut)
* Loving how @CurrencyTim’s @BeYoungFree leveraged @Genlarryplatt1’s brilliant “pants on the ground” http://ow.ly/16G4y
* @StandardBankGrp is looking 4 IT “Magicians” 2take part2 their annual IT Challenge 4students in South African varsities http://bit.ly/a4fGti
* #Blogwell: USAA jumping from two to eight people in social media (via @collinst)
* #blogwell: Listening to Ethics in social media. 1) Never pay for coverage 2) Real disclosure (obvious) 3) Never lie to your mom #blogwell (via @gaspedal)
* We’re relaunching #orangeyvr with a tweetup with guest @CEO_INGDIRECT. Register here for Feb. 23: http://bit.ly/9H2Low. Bring a friend! (via @SuperStarSaver)

* Déjà 710 fans sur la #fanpage #Facebook CitizenAct http://ow.ly/17MGl#FB #etudiant #RSE #societegenerale
http://bit.ly/9GpS6G Now 121 fans on #thebenche Facebook fan page. R U a fan? (via @theBenche)
* Just added more #helpflo #Miami photos. Were u there? Tag yourself in our #Facebook album! http://bit.ly/93Yz6U (via @progressive)

Social Media
* Still wondering if the #SocialMedia  rEvolution has just begun in #FinancialServices & #Banking? http://ow.ly/12URn videos, #twitter, Yahoo!
* Check @BInews’s http://ow.ly/16oEx Gr8 insights on #socialmedia  #savings #retirement #investments w/ @TC_Talks @putnamtoday @robertlreynolds

* Caja Madrid via @obrasocialCM http://bit.ly/cjxfMN & @hcpnationalhttp://bit.ly/91ENuS list their #socialmedia presence #banking #insurance

* @HSBCWongGroup Hi Terry&Maili, I’m keen 2 talk 2 U abt ur “HSBC Compliance issues” http://ow.ly/17f1Z Cld U pls @ or DM? #FINRA #socialmedia

* 1 in 5 Over 55s in Aus on Facebook – http://twurl.nl/842eoc
* 75 million people used Twitter last month – and they sent 1.2 billion tweets http://tcrn.ch/bD391R Congrats @ev and @biz!
* Ages of social network users: http://j.mp/cb31Bo – avg Twitter user is 39 –

* @ALOHAFCU For our @foursquare users, we’re busy adding as many surcharge-free ATMs as we can in Hawaii! tagged “credit union ATM”

Social Lending
* A global, comprehensive and up-to-date list of #P2PLending – social lending websites http://goo.gl/Hqmb (via @FriendsClear)

* Always wondered the real impact of sleek (costly) videos likehttp://ow.ly/16o1i by @StateFarm no script + flip HD = more empl & cust appeal


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