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Social Media in Banking – Key News via Twitter: 1-7 February 2010

Key news: 1-7 Feb ¦ 8-14 Feb ¦ 15-21 Feb ¦ 22-28 Feb

In case you missed them, I listed and categorized some of my favourite tweets from last week (1-7 Feb) including my tweets and the ones I RTed.

I invite you to read my wrap up of the recent Financial Services Forum event on Social Media: The Social Media rEvolution @ The Financial Services Forum (London, January 2010), and make sure your social media initiatives are included in my social media directory.

* Our Customer Blogger application is live! Share your story & if we choose you, we’ll share some savings. http://budurl.com/WTSblog (via @INGDIRECT)
* Social Media and the Banking Industry in Kenya http://bit.ly/cC3gYS (via @marvintumbo)
* Lending Club Using Social Networks to Help Verify Borrower Identityhttp://ow.ly/12k3l (by @fcn, via @robgarciasj)
* Wells Fargo’s @EdTerpening, VP #SocialMedia, is interviewd abt StageCoach Island on @gzicherm’s blog http://ow.ly/11OIl

* The #SocialMedia rEvolution has just begun http://ow.ly/12UVc w/ @jfawcett @astensby @ATMoneySpinners  & myself #FinancialServices
* Peter from ING is talking about online banking, social media, and consumption habit changes in Canada #CaseCamp (via @ariehsinger)

* Our Facebook Fan page has 999 fans! Who will be lucky 1,000? Become a fan now at http://www.facebook.com/currensee (RT @currensee)

* Congrats to @ThomasPhifer the January Tweet for College winner. He’ll receive $140 and is entered to win a $500 scholarship. (via @ElementsofMoney)

* 20+ mind-blowing social media statistics revisited http://bit.ly/c8BeBa (via @econsultancy)
* 50%+ of Web users would join rewards programs if offers were more personally relevant http://bit.ly/b5BU2r (via @eMarketer)

* Wells Fargo supports our customers’ efforts to contribute to Haitian relief efforts. We’re waiving transaction fees. http://redcross.org ^SS (via @Ask_WellsFargo)


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