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Social Media in Banking And Financial Services – News via Twitter: 01-07 March 2010

In case you missed them, I listed and categorized some of my favourite tweets from last week (01-07 March) including my tweets and the ones I RTed.

I invite you to read three of my most recent posts:
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VB Facebook Watch #2: Tracking 340 Accounts in 49 Countries – Top 20 Pages – Top 20 Applications
Interview with Jose Antonio Gallego, Online Community Manager at BBVA
Prosper.com’s Let’s Talk About the Taboo: Collecting 100,000 Stories in 5 Weeks? Leave that to Robin Hood!
And please make sure your social media initiatives are included in my social media directory.

Disaster Support
* Obra Social Caja Madrid activa el Plan de emergencias para Chilehttp://bit.ly/bPJXTB (by @obrasocialCM)
* Earthquake Relief Efforts: Discover & our Cardmembers donate over $4 million since 1/15/10 Details: http://bit.ly/do9vVV (by @Discover)

* New blog post: CMO 2.0 Conversation with Larry Flanagan, CMO at MasterCard http://bit.ly/cv2Tyu (by @MasterCardNews)
* Watch my interview w/@joseantoniogall  Online Community Mngr at #bbva http://bit.ly/cgvENJ feat @actibva @predicciones @planta29 #socialmedia

Social Lending
* Prosper.com’s Let’s Talk About the Taboo: Collecting 100,000 Stories in 5 Weeks? Leave that to Robin Hood! http://bit.ly/9EkEy0
* Check out @CreditKarma’s post about its sneak peek of Prosper.com’s new Talk Taboo Campaign, http://shar.es/m3oVP #talktaboo (by @ProsperLoans)

* Geezeo Announces 1st Mariner Bank’s, Kevin Lynch as New Member of Product Advisory Committee http://ow.ly/1dbNT (by @1stMarinerBank)
* See ur spending habits by categories & months w Spend Analyzer + get colorful graphs! http://bit.ly/clgbGU (by @Discover)
* Hey! Take a look at what our customer, Michigan First CU is up to. Alerts via twitter. http://tiny.cc/wn5Xj (by @Jwaala)

* Hey Fans, enter to win an iPod Touch with Northeast Bank! Check out notes to learn how! http://bit.ly/bcNA2O (by @Northeast_Bank)
* TexansCU Hey Stars fans! Bone up on your trivia tonight because tomorrow we’re giving away a pair of lower level tickets to the game on March 14th.
* Enter to wint #thehappinessproject click on the contest tab atwww.facebook.com/livesolid (by @livesolid)
* Thanks to everyone who played our trivia game! The premium we gave was for a $50 deductible which means that we’d… http://bit.ly/9E9PDo (by @Trupanion)
* And the winner is…Diana de la Rosa! Congratulations 😀 – and thank you to all our fans – we hit 200! http://bit.ly/dfU57l (by @capitolcu)
* PEMCO’s “We’re A Lot Like You” campaign was featured in a @CommuniquePR blog today. Thanks @JenGehrt. http://ow.ly/1cWUH (via @PEMCO)

* New YouTube video from GEICO: We love our customers and are fanatics about service. With special cameo by Warren Buffet http://bit.ly/9OJkVz (by @GEICO)
* PuckettProtects almost 200 views of my first video post (blog to come soon) on my YouTube channel http://bit.ly/VIDEOLifeInsurance in 48 hours. Very cool!

* Classement des sites web et comptes Twitter des banques . Société Générale 3ème compte sur twitter mais 1er en RH! http://ow.ly/1d7OP 🙂 (by @CareersSocgen)

* HOW TO: Create a Successful Company Blog http://bit.ly/aIs1az (by @benphoster)

* Small Biz Doubles Social Media Adoption – eMarketer http://bit.ly/cdk8dV
* Hispanics use of social media is rising; in some cases exceeds non-Hispanics. @tamarabarber runs down the highlights http://cot.ag/c3lAQw
* Twitter should reach 10B tweets tomorrow! Real-time counter:http://tr.im/Qw1q If I tweet every second ’til then, think I could be lucky #10B? (via @StateFarm)
* Facebook revenues could hit $2bn in 2010 http://fwd4.me/0k1 (via @BrandRepublic)
* China’s Top 3 Social Network Sites ~ http://bit.ly/d1Igp5 (via @belindaang)


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