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500+ Reviews to Help You Buy the Best Keyboard for Your iPad Air

Buying Guide Best Keyboards for iPad Air | iPad Keyboard Reviews

Top reviews of the best keyboard for iPad Air. Buying guide: buy the best iPad keyboard case matching your business needs from Belkin, ZAGG, Logitech, Kensington, Targus, Griffin.

It took me a while to put this list of 500+reviews (from both experts and customers) of the best keyboards for iPad Air together, so I trust you will find it useful.  I believe it’s the most comprehensive list of iPad keyboard reviews ever put together.

Buying Guide Best Keyboards for iPad Air | iPad Keyboard Reviews

But with the internet, there is no such thing as a definitive list, so I invite you to flag any valuable articles and videos I might have missed.

To do so, please leave a comment here with the permalink of the article or the blog post and ideally the name and twitter handle of the author.

And as usual, your comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

Best Keyboards for iPad Air Comparison Open Cases ZAGG vs. LOGITECH vs. BELKIN Best Keyboard for iPad Air Comparison Speakers LOGITECH Ultrathin BELKIN Ultimate ZAGGKeys Folio Best Keyboards for iPad Air Comparison Viewing Angles LOGITECH vs. BELKIN vs. ZAGG


I started blogging back in December 2004… time flies.  I’ve become more and more conscious of SEO and online visibility: what’s the point of producing excellent content if very few people ended up reading it?

As a consequence, in the last 2-3 years I focused on making sure my content was viewed by as many relevant people as possible within my targeted groups.  I spent a lot of time improving SEO and maximizing social sharing.

This is one of the reasons why I became such a big fan of rewarding highly visible articles and videos from content producers, professionals or enthusiasts.

I put together this list of resources essentially by searching for:

  • The exact names of those iPad keyboards on Google search and on YouTube.  Then, I selected only the relevant reviews from respectively the first 10 pages and 5 pages of search results.  I only selected iPad Keyboard reviews in English and I didn’t include any product videos from the manufacturers.
  • The customer reviews from the likes of, and with a focus on the reviews flagged as most helpful.  I chose not to include the product reviews ‘merged’ with a previous generation of the keyboards.

Trusted Reviewers

The range of those product reviews is rather broad from a dad blogger and an Amazon Vine member to some well-known experts such as:

Kevin C. Tofel GigaOM Scott Stein cnet James Kendrick zdnet Steve Sande tuaw


ZAGG Keyboards for iPad Air

You will find below a comprehensive list of online reviews on ZAGG’s full range of iPad Air keyboards.

ZAGGKeys Folio | 150+ reviews

ZAGGKeys Folio for iPadAir | Best iPad Keyboard

Please find below the best online reviews of the ZAGGKeys Folio for iPad Air and find out if it is the best iPad keyboard for your needs:

ZAGGKeys Folio Keyboard for iPad Air Demo of the Backlit Keyboard in Blue Unboxing of the ZAGGKeys Folio Keyboard for iPad Air Keyboard Still Inside the Box ZAGGKeys Folio Backlit Keyboard for iPad Air Close Up of the Right Side


ZAGGKeys Cover | 4 reviews

ZAGGKeys Cover for iPadAir | Best iPad Keyboard

Please find below the best online reviews of the ZAGGKeys Cover for iPad Air and find out if it is the best iPad keyboard for your needs.


ZAGG Keyboards – BELKIN Keyboards – LOGITECH keyboards – Kensington/Targus/Griffin Keyboards

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Written by Christophe Langlois

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Christophe has contributed to over 140 events in 18 countries.

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  1. Christophe, you must like doing reviews because your good at it! You really helped me decide what keyboard to purchase. I was stuck between the Zagg and a Logitech. I sided with the Zagg with a little help from you. Keep up the good work.

  2. I had a hard time looking for a new keyboard for iPad Air and found your site to be very helpful. Are there really 500 ipad keyboard reviews on this site? That’s a lot of reading!

  3. This isone of the best sites for iPad keyboard reviews. You spend a lot of time going over the little details many other reviewers miss. You made my purchase easier and less stressful. Thank you! I <3 this site!

  4. Wow! This website is a one stop shop for iPad keyboard reviews. It’s one of the best. Who has the time to review that many Ipad keyboards? I’m not complaing, you guys are saving me the time, and the work. Thanks. Great site!

  5. This has been the most useful resource for information and reviews on what is the best Ipad keyboard. Informative and detailed. Thanks.

  6. This is the best site for the technically challenged person like myself. There are so many reviews out there when searching for the best iPad keyboard. This site is my favorite. It’s easy to navigate and is organized nicely. Thanks for the resource!

  7. I found great reviews on this site when I was looking for a new ipad keyboard. This site really made the process easy. I dislike shopping so do most of it online. I was able to browse reviews for the best ipad keyboard at the same time I was looking at the keyboards. It can’t get any easier than that!

  8. This review site is the best when looking for a keyboard for iPad Air. Thx for putting this list together!

  9. Review sites are a dime a dozen but I found your articles and videos useful. Initially, I was a bit overwhenmed with the number of reviews but your list makes it easy to quickly find the right info…

  10. <——- That guy loves the Visible Banking reviews for ipad keyboards! I found your list after watching your ZAGGKeys Folio video review on YouTube. Very useful, thanks.

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