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Retail Banking Innovations 2008 – Interview with Steve Kietz, CEO at Mobile Money Ventures


Retail Banking Innovations Asia Pacific 2008 – Banking in a Brave New World

Retail Banking Innovations 2008 aims to address new frontiers in the industry and the changing concept of retail banking and consumer finance in the Asia Pacific region – with a highly content-driven and provocative agenda. 

I was delighted to speak at Retail Banking Innovations. I had a great time in Singapore. Not only it was my first successful speaking engagement in Asia, but the event was excellent. What a good line up.

Congrats to the VRL Knowledgebank team, and especially Linda!

Steve Kietz, CEO at Mobile Money Ventures
Mobile Money Ventures (MMV) was formed in March 2008, a joint venture of Citi and SK telecom. MMV has created a next generation mobile financial service solution that will accelerate the adoption of mobile financial services worldwide.

RetailbankinginnovationssingaporeteI contacted Steve via Linkedin a few weeks before the conference. We already knew each other: in May, I metJay Bhattacharya, one of Steve’s colleagues, who was speaking at the Online Retail Banking Services 2008event I chaired in NYC.

Steve is managing one of the most innovative companies in the mobile banking space. They are currently working on projects around transit, iPhone, and a few months back they announced the compatibility with Google’s Android software.

Congratulations to Steve who was named one of Banking’s Elite 8 2008 by Bank System & Technology magazine.

I invite you to watch my video interview with Steve:


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