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RBS Hosts Public FinTech Hackathon with Open Bank Project

Royal Bank Scotland FinTech Hackathon Banking Innovation

Royal Bank of Scotland will host ‘hack make the bank’, a FinTech Hackathon next month in Edinburgh in partnership with the Open Bank Project team.

Royal Bank Scotland FinTech Hackathon Banking InnovationThis morning, I received an email from the Open Bank Project team inviting me to participate to the first public FinTech Hackathon hosted by RBS in Edinburgh on the 9th-11th of October 2015.


About the RBS FinTech Hackathon

For the time being, neither RBS nor the Open Bank Project shared much information on the topics covered as part of this hackathon.

“During the hackathon, participants will create innovative fintech applications using an RBS-provided Open Bank Project API instance and other APIs. No previous experience of coding or hackathons is required but strong technical teams are encouraged.”

We’ll find more about the event in the coming weeks on the ‘hack make the bank’ microsite.

REGISTER to the RBS FinTech Hackathon

The organisers are looking to attract the usual FinTech Hackathon crowds:

  • Experienced Developers
  • Junior Developers
  • Select UX / Graphic Designers
  • Business / Innovators
  • Journalists
  • Visitor / Demo Tickets

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